Sunday, July 1, 2012

closing ceremony

This morning I installed 90 plus metres of press dried, pink painted, heart shaped leaves for Treeline's closing ceremony.  

The last few weeks, I've been collecting, cutting, painting, drying and pressing 700 Macaranga leaves and the last few days I've been stringing them onto 76 x 1.2mtr lengths (in my spare time and inbetween my recent solo exhibition!) I had hoped to do a few posts in the lead up to the event, unfortunately, I literally ran out time and puff - clearly being over 40 is starting to catch up on me!

Of course, installing over ninety metres resulted in a lot of photos...

Looking fresh for an early start to the day.

Cascading down and over the rocks. (top & below)

Distancing into the courtyard beyond.

Help arrives! Jo Burnett drops in with Lucy and Charlie to lend a hand, only 60 or so metres to go!

...and through the Viola.

..then outside near the entrance - all hands on deck!  Charlie placing rocks inbetween the string to weight them down, in the distance; Jo and Lucy sorting the leaves for me.

around the bend,

..and down the drive - with a few strands left over I took them back up and around the corner creating a colourful display.

A few shots behind the scenes in prep'ing the leaves...

 About four full wheel barrow loads yielded the 700 leaves.

Each leaf had to be shaped,

stored ready for painting.

And painted with a spray gun.  To hard to resist - a little squirt on each boot :-)

The negative space looked pretty kool!


  1. Absolutely wonderful, Kim - wish I could have been there, xx

    1. Hi Noela, it was a great day, and a good turnout - perfect weather too!

  2. yeah great stuff Kimmie ... you sure keeping yourself busy lately ... time for a holiday me thinks ... xxxxK

    1. Hi Kensie, busy as a busy bee! A holiday is on the agenda real soooon, thanks for the good advice.

  3. A massive amount of work... but then you are soooo young.

    1. Hi Jo, massive alrightly! I sure like a challenge it seems.

  4. K- great work - the sheer volume and lengthy looks stunning; and I agree I loved the negative space. B

    1. Hi B, cheers - it was great to see it come together for a first attempt, looking forward to the next chapter in September.


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