Artist Statement

My first solo exhibition was at the Butter Factory Arts Centre (formerly the Coory Butter Factory) for my Certificate II in Art, a graduation group show in 2000, where I was awarded the High Achiever, Most Accomplished Award. I often reflect upon this moment with great pride, signing up as a mature-aged student certainly became a turning point in my life.

Living a fulfilled and balance life is truly what inspires my work. If this is out of kilter, it filters down and affects what it is I am creating, so it is imperative for me to maintain this equilibrium. Reading and music are integral parts of my process - as well as listening to positive and motivational speakers. Topics include various thoughts on philosophy, psychology, new (age) thought, and, self-help, with authors such as Wayne W Dyer, Carl G Jung, Neville Goddard, Lao Tzu, Thich Nhat Hanh, Adyashanti and Ohso. I like the writings/poetry of Rumi, William Blake, and the Tao de Ching. I am particularly drawn to the art of Rosalie Gascoigne, and Pamela Kowenhoven's work. However, to maintain my own integrity with what it is I wish to create; my inspiration is predominately draw from my own inner self rather than admiring the works of other artists.

One could describe my genre as multidisciplinary - I have refined my discipline to a minimum of media - equally dominating my arts practice are my welded metal sculptures using reclaimed steel, and the softer side utilising recycled tea bags. I majored in ceramics in my studies (Adv.Dip Art - Ceramics CSIT 2002) and earlier in my career I described myself as a 3D artist and/or sculptor, however I now hesitate to define the genre of my work as, once coined, it compartmentalises and, if I can be so bold as to say, can box one into a certain category. I am learning I am very open-minded and fluid with my thinking.

I am highly organised in every facet of my life, especially in my studio - I tend to function best on efficiency. Having a few different streams to my work, naturally I work in more that one space. I have a three-bay shed/studio for working in ceramics, a space under the house for welding metal, and a room upstairs for working with my recycled tea bags. It is important to set structure around my day-to-day activities in the studio, however life has its own agenda and tends to get in the way - we live in a world of flux! Every day presents something new or different so I juggle many roles, creator, writer, marketing manager, designer, the list goes on, and not to mention the cleaner, homemaker, gardener etc. I also help run the day-to-day requirements of our small business, Enviro Scapes, with my partner Glen.