Monday, April 22, 2013

Sponsorship & thoughts...

Check out this delicious stash of steel! ...and I have to send a huge-mega thank you to Steve from Caloundra Waterjet Cutting for his sponsorship and supplying me with his discarded steel off cuts.  This steel of course is for my new body of work, my upcoming solo show in Gympie (Regional Gallery), having new material to work with is very inspiring and has injected a new spin on my direction.

In this new body of work I am looking to document my personal journey in a tangible form...
 an inward journey of growth and discovery, personal development both spiritually and emotionally...

I often frequent a deeper level of mind,
I find peace and solitude in this space....

For me, this 'space' is enriched with meaning overflowing with abundance,

it is the direct line to "source"

it is here where all the magic happens

and is where all the answers lie, to your own truths....

Saturday, April 13, 2013

all in a days work!

Incredible, its been over a month since my last blog post, I don't believe it!!  Over the past month I have literally been flat out from dawn to dusk each day working away.  A typical day for me at the moment starts off with about an hour or two sewing tea bags on the treadle, time in the clay studio, paperwork, housework, promo work (computer time - social media etc), and time on the tools welding and grinding in the afternoon's.  Then the night shift kicks in working into the wee hours... either preparing more tea bags for the morning sewing, going over my thoughts on new works, gaining inspiration, paperwork, gluing, sanding, knitting (tea bags)....

My last post mentioned a call out for used tea bags, and I am happy to report my tea bag supplies are over flowing, I even received a parcel in yesterday's mail (many thanks Tracey!) and big thank you to everyone else contirbuting.  Two more collection points have come on board Tree Frog Gallery and Mapleton Library.  "(lots more updates feature on my personal facebook page)"

Not sure if I have filled you in with all the gaps of whats on the agenda - I am even finding it hard to keep up with me, my busyness is in aid of making new works for my two up coming solo exhibitions. In August this year I have a solo exhibiton entitled Insight: Journeys in Steel and Clay at Gympie Regional Gallery showcasing my welded assemblage works, and as mentioned in my last post the next installment to my Expressions of Love (with the use of recycled tea bags) will showcase in Noosa Regional Gallery 2014.  Of course, then there's my usual events like the Abbey Medieval Festival and group shows I commit to each year. Its certainly a busy time and an exciting time right now and I'm loving every minute of it!!  

Here's a picture Glen captured of me while welding an assemblage piece for the August exhibition.  If your one to plan ahead mark this date and time on your calendar folks to join me celebrate my first solo exhibition at a regional gallery, the official opening for Insight: Journeys in Steel & Clay with Guest Speaker Stephanie Outridge Field is on Saturday 17th August, 2013 from 5.30pm. 


Monday, April 1, 2013

Teasing the Domestic @ The J

Put this date on your calendar peeps, Teasing the Domestic Exhibition is coming to town!

Here are the dates; Sat.15th to Sat.22nd June, 2013.  "Teasing the Domestic" take a walk on the woolly side....  is proudly presented by Artslink Queensland as part of the Noosa Long Weekend, and as mentioned in my previous post will be showcased at 'The J'.  Viewing times are from 10am to 4pm over the ten days and admission is free.

Featuring selected artworks from my two solo exhibitions; Domestic Duties Chp.2 (2012) and Expressions Of Love (2010)

Doily Set - detail (Expressions Of Love)

Constant Appetite Bottomless Pit (Domestic Duties Chp.2)
In focus:
Teasing the Domestic proposes a toast to both the hand-made and the home-made. The exhibition features Sunshine Coast artists Kim Schoenberger and Corrie Wright as well as Kelly-Marie McEwan from Toowoomba. The selection of marvellous entries from the 2010 and 2012 World Tea Cosy Competition, come from urban and rural Queensland, interstate and overseas.

This gala display celebrates many things: the continuing transmission of heritage textile skills across generations of women; the sheer indulgence of padded pink decoration; the evolvement and subversion of traditional forms and the simple joy of crazy crafted critters.

Teasing the Domestic is a group exhibition touring in the 2013-14 Touring Exhibition Program for Artslink Qld.

Directions to the J