Sunday, May 30, 2010

Medieval Masterpiece Exhibition 2010

I started working on a few pieces earlier in the year to enter into the Medieval Masterpiece Exhibition for the Abbey Museum. The exhibition this year is being exhibited at Bribie Island Community Art Centre - BICAS from 29th June - 9th July, 2010.
The photograph below is a puzzle jug I made and entered into the first competition. It took out first prize in the pottery section.

'Puzzle Jug' First Prize Medieval Masterpiece Exhibition 2008

This year I have made several pieces, among them; a Zoomorphic Jug, Puzzle Mug, some 'Tudor Green' Wares and an Aquamanile.

'Zoomorphic Jug' Kingston type ware Mid-13th Century

'Aquamanile' 13th Century

It's an interesting process when researching and discovering new forms, to decipher their techniques. Loads of experiementation with glazing, trying to reproduce the piece as close to original, is something I really's like stepping back in time and into the shoes of the maker.

Art Auction

Donations, raffles and auctioned artworks - raised over $7000
A few photo's from the day...

Mark Fowles-Prince (Gallery Manager) with Ken Farrow

Above from left; Laura Coutts and Michelle Bull, two girls from Brisbane's pop-opera group 'belladiva'

Kari - MC

Deb Loughnan thanking Cr Jenny McKay

Auctioneer Peter Maidens with Ken Farrow holding artwork up for auction

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Artworks hung for preview...

Artworks have arrived and been hung for preview in Main Street Gallery.... gallery hours are Wednesday to Sunday from 11am to 5pm (just incase you decide to go in on Monday or Tuesday)

Artist Ken Farrow of Flaxton - next to his painting "A Shit Cuppa" (closest left) alongside other donated artworks up for auction.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Auction draws week to go!

The count down is on with only one week to go for the Charity Art Auction (in support of Australia's Biggest Morning Tea) I am hosting with Main Street Gallery in Montville,
due to kick off next Thursday 27th May at 10.00am....
Artworks for donations were called to the gallery today to be hung, the gallery has kindly offered to hang the works a week prior to auction to allow the viewing public a sneak preview for their bid.

"Rosie Lea" by Tilly Devine

I just had to take a photo of this piece ready for viewing.... this is an original artwork by my neice Tegan (alias; Tilly Devine), Tegan is a practicing Tattoo Artist in Brisbane and is a talented young designer, she has extended her art of tattooing ink onto paper for her contribution, her contemporary approach applies bold use of colour to her designs. Well done Tegan!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

"Expressions Of Love" opening night

A big thank you to one and all who came in support of my exhibition.
All the works can now be viewed on my website here > Expressions of Love

The String Challenge begins...

As part of my Expressions of Love Exhibit (8th - 30th May) at Main Street Gallery, Montville, I have incorporated an interactive art piece open to the public to participate in an awareness to loved ones lost to cancer and I've called it "The String Challenge...knitted in unity".

The string challenge ...knitted in unity is a porcelain Knitting Nancy also known as French or Finger Knitting with a ball of 95 teabags sewn together on my treadle singer sewing machine I was given by my mother at the age of 16.
To be part of the challenge visit the gallery before Thrusday 27th May and add a knit or two to the chain of string, and with each knit uniting us all.
Then on Thursday 27th May it will go up for auction, in the Charity ART Auction I am hosting with Main Street Gallery in support of Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea - Fundraiser.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Lucas Parklands feasty meeting...

A call to bring a plate....
A bit like ole mother hubbard when I went to the off to pick some produce from my vege garden.
Not so bad afterall....I should be able to make up something tasty with this! I reckon a Roasted Vegetable Salad is the go, with Roast Tomato Quinoa on the side!
Tonight's offering for the meeting on our sculpture exhibition in Lucas Parklands, a group of Artists form Arts Connect Inc. and part of Maleny Garden Club's "Gardening on the Edge 2010"

Expressions of Love - opening night...

Some photo's from my opening night of Expressions of Love on Saturday 8th May, in Main Street Gallery, Montville.

Gallery Director - Mark Fowles-Prince, Myself and Christopher McLeod


Pam, Ken & Noela
A big thank you to all that came!
If you would like to see more photo's from the night you can go to Ken's blog Maleny Art

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Expressions of Love in the media...

On Saturday 24th April, I received an email from my cyber buddy Sally... telling me that I was in 'The Arts' coloumn in the Sunshine Coast Daily for my 'Expressions of Love' Exhibition, alongside other exhibiting artist Christopher Mcleod

Thanks Sally!

Expressions of Love - opening

The day has almost arrived for my 'Expressions of Love' Exhibition to open to the public.

(Official opening on Saturday 8th May from 4pm Main Street Gallery, Montville)
Invitation for "Expressions of Love"
Yesterday I carefully packed and loaded up the car with my delicate treasures made from recycled teabags and set off to Main Street Gallery in anticipation and excitement, knowing that they are soon going to be displayed for all to see.

Detail - "Quilt" one panel of a life size double bed patchwork quilt, select tea bags with leaves intact. Sewn on my treadle Singer sewing machine my mother gave me at the age of 16

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

ALaW 2010 - NOPQ

At first, my journey with applying the Discarded object to ALaW has been a fun exercise, upon reflection, I can see that it has far surpassed 'a fun exercise' into choosing each letter with much more care and thought, extending myself into looking past the obvious.
Literally I am placing each letter within the square. Ironically... the whole process is teaching me to look outside the square!
N - is the end sawn off, from a serated handsaw blade. Upon closer inspection and to the left of the edge of 'N' is a serated edge (not really visible in the photo).
O - a neat little washer'y - spacer - thingy! I kinda liked that it had a double rim to it.
P - a Nut and Bolt welded together.
Q - a hose clamp, even though this letter is a bit tad smaller than my other letters, it just happen to have a nice 'Q' charm to it.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Up for auction

Along with my teapot made in recycled teabags 'A Strong Brew' I've donated for auction in support of Australia's biggest Morning Tea, I decided to make a ceramic piece in my 'Unearthed' series as well.
'Teapot' Unearthed series
Wheel thrown & parts, assembled and hand carved
Focusing on the forms from the ancient mediterranean, and staying within the theme 'tea' I searched for images of ancient teapots. I particularly like the Minoan period and their pottery this style of Teapot dates back to the early Minoan period, Early Bronze Age 3000 - 2000BC.

ART Auction - update...

'A Strong Brew' Recycled Teabags
Sewn on a treadle singer sewing machine
All plans are well underway for the ART Auction with only 26 days until the big event. Since my last post I have had emormous support from the local community and businesses with now 25 artists pledging artworks to auction.

The generousity has been overwhelming,
and I would like to thank all my sponsors for their support...
Cr Jenny Mackay as guest speaker, Qld Cancer Council for helping in promote my event, Main Street Gallery for providing the venue, Poet's Cafe for providing tea & refreshments, Roger Loughnan Real Estate & Peter Maidens author "Fake & Fortune" our auctioneers, entertainment by Michelle Bull & Laura Coutts two girls from Brisbane's pop-opera group 'belladiva' , MC for the day Kari - Kari Celebrations, QPrint 500 invitations, Maleny Green Printery promotional flyers and Australian Marine Windows .
Fabulous raffle prizes Flame Hill Vineyard , Zana's @ Montville, Jim Cox, Lilyponds Holiday Park , Mapleton Natural Therapies, Soul Fire and Maleny Art Supplies.
The list of ever growing donating artists:
Broc Cattley – Woodworker, Johanna DeMaine - Ceramic Artist, Fiona Dempster - Calligraphic Artist, Ken Farrow - Painter , Carol Forster - Ceramic Artist, Jackie Gasson – Potter, Audrey Gunn - Painter , Ian Gunn – Painter, Kari – Ceramic Artist & Potter, Daniel du Kismet – Puppet Maker, Noela Mills – Mixed Media Artist, June McCotter – Painter, Chris McLeod – Painter, Denise Murray –Painter, Michelle O’Farrell – Painter, Debroah Plumb - Photographer, Ian Reid – Potter, John Seebeck – Wordworker, Ardione Sinclair – Fibre Artist, Kim Schoenbeger - Ceramic & Mixed Media Artist , Tegan Schoenberger – Tattoo Artist, Barry Smith - Mixed Media Artist, Chris Southwell – Painter,
Philippa Stewart-Hall – Painter, Di West – Mixed Media Artist