Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lucas Parklands Sculpture Exhibition

I've been invited to partake in a group sculpture exhibition in June (details TBA) at the Lucas Parklands in Montville by Arts Connect Inc for the Maleny Garden Club open garden - Art & Garden Festival "Gardening on the Edge 2010"
A group of us got together to get some inspiration... and headed on down to the Lucas Parklands property. While on our walk we came across a running creek found through their beautiful rainforest walk track. Just divine!
Above and looking over the creek is a fantastic open deck, just begging for an artwork, kinda like a blank canvas waiting to be painted...
Painting the picture; an ambience so peaceful and serene, sounds of running water, wip-bird calls from beyond. Delightful aroma from the rainforest floor and the crisp clean air refreshes you from within....
Most definitely a place for contemplation, deserving of a meditative piece!
Being all inspired having contemplative mind, I set off to explore my 'oneness' within my discarded rusty pile to create a piece that would sit well in the surrounds and ambience of the deck.

The thing I love most about collecting and working with rusted discarded objects is that a once loved piece of machinery, garden tool, nut'n'bolt, car part etc... destined to be buried in landfill somewhere and lost forever now has a chance to be loved and appreciated again by being transformed into an artwork. Random parts come together so beautifully, if I allow myself to be open to chance, the form takes on it own indentity and as they are been placed in this case the random pieces mimick one another.

Balance with harmony, a piece that resonates with my Zen mind.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

ALaW 2010 - IJKLM

The half way mark in ALaW 2010 alphabet challenge 13 down, 13 to go...

I must say, this exercise has been a refreshing flavour to my arts practise! I've really enjoyed the sense of adventure and play it has presented.

Some letters have come together very simply and while others very challenging indeed, especially the K in this month's letters. I try not to read to much into that but find it curious just the same... knowing that there is a hidden lesson there somewhere.

I - is simlpy a rusted nut & bolt.

J - a distorted hook

K - a wingnut with half a post (post internal rod that contects two door knobs, cut in half)

L - drill chuck

M- an end of a well worn out rake, cement intact.


The challenge continues...we've reached the half way mark of the first alphabet in ALaW. My thoughts have been on how to present them as a whole. When photographing each month's letters I've placed them on a rusted backing plate bringing out each letter from the mesh.

I like to allow myself the freedom to be guided in my process and listen to my inner messages, even if I don't know what it's trying to say at the time. I've been on a creative urge lately to make works in a similar vain to Rosalie Gascoigne using old corrugated iron sheets and weathered timber from hardwood palletes etc... My thoughts kept going to these two planks of timber from a pallet which look really groovy with all the nails sticking out on the sides.

Then the message became clear...when I started placing the alphabet letters so far, onto the plank of timber, how poetic... fitting all 13 letters meaning the other plank is going to accomodate the other 13. Yipee!

And 13 just happens to be my lucky number...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Morning visitor...

I have a feathered friend that calls for me in the mornings...
I've named him RED, he normally has two females with him, today he was alone. It must be nesting season.

A couple of seasons ago, I had large Sunflowers plants planted in the garden, the locals got wind of it and demolished the flower heads. Now, each season I have RED 'squawking' for his seed! If I don't go out and put seed on the rail for him he will continue to squawk until I have done so.
He is so beautiful and personality plus!