Saturday, February 25, 2012

Transform Exhibition

This week I had a couple of deliveries (ceramics) to do and on my round trip I took myself off to see a couple of exhibitions. This particular exhibtion entitled "Transform" was on show at the Gympie Regional Gallery. I am so glad I was in the area to see the works on display, very inspiring indeed!

I really loved this piece "Yuasa-X-Press" plastic on MDF by Pamela Kouwenhoven

And this one, "Pressing Dryland - Site 4" Discarded malthold on board by Pamela Kouwenhoven

So hard not to like all the works really, very close to my heart in the choice of materials being used. Above image forefront; "Shrouded Harbingers" Salmon skin, synthetic dolls & resin, back wall right "Rock Star" goat skull, copper, shells resin and, "Queen Spawn" Deer skull, shells, copper, resin by Simone Eisler.

A detail; life size cardboard sculpture "Supprise" by Terry Summers

"Chorus" Mad Conductor, Baritone, Soprano, Contralto, Tenor, etc...

A detail of Mad Conductor from "Chorus"

And from left; "Floral Tribute", "Solomon's Necklace", and "The Gift" polypropylene packaging and bone by Emma Davies.

"Master Class" digital pigment on old book pages by LM Noonan

Detail "Master Class"

And fantastic tea pots by Hew Chee Fong made from stone and found objects.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Domestic Duties: Process

It's all systems go working towards my Domestic Duties Solo Installation & Exhibition coming up end of May and most part of June (31 May to 24 June), 2012. Which is why the recent 'lack of' posts on the assemblage works. Currently my focus is on the process and what I intend creating for the installation.
I've been expanding on my peg mandala idea and have called on my local woodworker John for assistance to make the backing rings.
Armed with my notes - measurements, diagrams, etc... I discuss with John what and how many (wooden rings) I am needing for the mandala's, and within minutes my rings are made!!!
Starting off with a neat square piece of plyboard, its locked into the jig underneath (I think this is what it is called) and is cut with the bandsaw. Watching John at work is very informative, his workshop is brilliantly set out with all the right equipment to create whatever he choses. I love the way in which he works, he is very meticulous and attentive to detail and I believe is most part, the secret ingredient to the quality of his craftmanship.
A master at his craft, Johnno in his workshop using the bandsaw, cutting each ring one after the other in an orderly fashion.
Detail - once the circle is made, the ring is cut from the circle.
...then the edges are sanded off, and oh so smooth. Beats doing it by hand!
Neatly sorted into piles and almost done.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


A small 2D piece that came together from discards - combining the two elements of clay and steel on canvas.

The small flat rectangle steel sheets were found in a fire pit at a salvage yard I'm not sure what they have come from, among the burnt ashes though were which looked like a melted computer casing or an electrical box, so they could have come from the internal parts.

The clay scrolls are created from scraping off the remnants of clay left on the wheel head after throwing a pot. Getting them at the right consistancy of dryness to get a perfect scroll and stamped.

Finishing it off by stitching it to the canvas with recycled copper wire and nailing it to the frame.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Last week I attended the opening exhibition BERBAGI currently on display until 3rd March, 2012 at the University of the Sunshine Coast Gallery. The word Berbagi is Bahasa Indonesia, the official language of Bali meaning 'sharing'. The show curated by Di Tait Queensland papermaker and fibre artist is simply stunning and is a result of a series of papermaking and paper sculpture workshops that were held in Bali in 2011.

So very inspiring and well worth the visit if your in the area! A snippet of works on show, to share with you and my overseas bloggers...

Ngaire MacLeod

Lynne Fellowes

Glenda Henning
Jill de Hayr
Di Tait
Tricia Smout
Judy Barrass
Joolie Gibbs