Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Connection + giveaway

Expanding on and exploring my options with the theme of Connection and my rusted people...

2D or 3D? Lately I am seeing the assemblages two dimensionally rather than three dimensional, which is totally out of the norm. While playing with placement in many different ways have been great in theory and visually, practically in a two dimensional approach for assembling - not so good. It is two totally different techniques in the making.

I'm loving the designs they have created along the way though. Firstly in the shape of a heart, then the idea of them hanging from a bike chain (which I had intended as the pulse of a heartbeat) seen in my previous post.

Then a couple more placements seen below... this one really appealed to my senses symbolically and was do'able but I felt it didn't translate the message of my morale' behind the work enough.

And besides I had three left over, these guys were left out on a limb - after all the notion was and is to connect it all together as one! Here the outter frame once taken away gives another interesting look, although this one is not possible without a support frame, because without it would be much too fragile to hold up.

I have been playing with the notion of the newspaper people cutout's that I did at primary school, so I did a test sample and lined up my rusty folk in the same manner. This option gives me a strong sense of connection, the all important movement within the legs and the freedom to make it into a 2D piece with loads of strength.

PS... see the little guy on his own, the singular man in the middle between the newspaper cutout and the connected peoples? Well, he was the first test piece I made to see if my idea was going to work and seeing the theme is all about Connection I'd like to make a connection with my blogging folk out there and I've decided to give him away! Just make a comment, I'll put your name into a hat and I'll do the draw on sunday afternoon. :-)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

work in progress

It seems like forever since I've got in to have a play! My 'life' behind the scenes have left little time to get in and make, let alone blog about it. Yes, their have been some nights of socialising, but I have been busy! With - filming, interviewing, throwing, glazing, firing, pricing, packaging, delivering, all in an aid to supply galleries, art centre's, set-up film shoots, and with only three weeks away is the Medieval Festival!

Amidst the juggling I am wanting to enter into a few competitions to get my assemblage works out there more, which takes me into a theme and exploration... This one is for a comp and the theme being 'Connection'. What I am seeing when I look deeper into my take on connecting - I see many people joined and/or linked together, as we are all one and the same, different but the same.

To explore this concept, if we were to look at a stranger and see them as yourself how would this make you feel toward them, would that give a greater sense of seeing that we are just the same as the next person, and would that then change our perspective on how we would be towards them?? I ask myself these many questions often, and the more I contemplate these questions the more it helps me become aware of being a better person - to offer assistance, be friendly, nice and smile, and reach out to someone that maybe having a bad day, after all at the end of the day, they are all just on the same journey as me aren't they? Just in a different way...

Then if I was to take this concept on a boarder sense with my deeper concerns for 'us' as a society, it would probably get too heavy.... to skim however, I feel and have learnt in my world to heal / help (my/our world) the healing process begins with our inner turbulance, to turn and face that which we avoid begins the release... One thing I have learnt, one needs to nurture oneself first inorder to be able to reach out and give others... and with that in mind takes me into my rusty pile.......

People emerging and then exploring placement with the symbolic nature of healing at the heart centre in the shape of a heart,

detail taking shape - one man made...

then introducing a chain, that which links us altogether, as we are all one and the same... all connected some way or another... that 'light' within us - the spirit that gives us life is the same as the next persons it all comes from the same source. It's in us, the tree's, your pet, everything!!!

and then literal movement within the legs, could suggest a sublte movement in one's perspective, perhaps?

Friday, June 24, 2011

Pecha Kucha #6 & Exhibition opening

Last week was all about networking and socialising starting with Pecha Kucha #6 - eight presenters showcase their works and ideas - 20 slides in 20 seconds on the theme 'Inspire'. It was a great line-up of presentations and definitely an inspiring evening.

Some photo's before the show...

Carol Tohow, Kim Schoenberger (me) & Evangaline Cachinero

Me, Greg & Jandamarra Cadd

Phil Willy, Pam Madgefrau, Jim Cox and Kari


Then it was off to "Marking Moments" an exhibition opening of fellow artists Barry Smith and Fiona Dempster at the Up Front Club Maleny.

Ken , Sonja & Wendy

Christine & Noela

from right, Barry, Lynn & Pam

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Artist by Artist - update

This week has been like totally......full-on! And all about filming - Firstly, it was Pat in front of the camera at Voices on the Coast held at the University. Pat Flynn was one of a few select guest author's to speak to over one hundred or more lively bunch of school kids in each session. It was like a massive bookfest, how lucky to be given such a fab opportunity, I don't recall having anything of this nature when I was at school!

Some of Pat Flynn's books to purchase for signing.

A young trouper waiting in line to get his book signed...with me right behind waiting in line for my autograph :-)

Pat getting RSI from signing.

Then it was my turn infront of the camera, and what a freeeeeeeeeeezing cold day to be filming! I reckon it had to have been the coldest day we've had yet. It was blankets all round and plenty of hot cups of tea.

Pictured from left Christine Elcoate (on sound recorder), Natalija (producer) and Pat Flynn

Taking some shots - trying to get some tea out of my teapot, it just wasn't happening!

In action with the welding...
If you would like to see more behind the scene shots for Artist by Artist, click here > flickr

Sunday, June 5, 2011

splash of golden hue

T'is a sight to behold! Yellow daisy like flowers, I'm not of sure its name... it's such a stunning display to irrestible not to take some happy snaps. As it seems I'm not the only one, I must have been past this spectacular view dozens of times recently and each time someone is taking a picture of it. I'm not supprised.

A side shot - the start of the colour, along side of the road and

...still splashes of yellow, a bit further up.

More yellow, part of the hill

and centre of the hill, to each side of this picture is a mass of bright golden yellow.