Friday, July 6, 2012

all set up!

Only one more sleep to go! The Abbey Medieval Festival kicks off tomorrow and is renowned for being the biggest and most authentic medieval event in Australia!  To create such an authentic ambience setting up camp has become a huge affair, so many tents and things are needed Friday has become 'bump in' day for most of the marketeer stalls while the re-enactment camps start to set-up earlier in the week.  I managed to take in a few photographs before my battery died in the camera, luckily it died today and not tomorrow, how disappointing that would have been with all the activities happening!

A bit of a zephr blowing today.

Loads of tents going up!

Nice looking campsite.

Gypsy Wagon.

Horn drinking cups.

Colourful balls handmade with string.

Puppet hanging in the gypsy encampment.

The camera's on charge - I hope to take more photographs over the weekend...


  1. Great photos Kim... weather permitting we'll be there.

    1. A bit late with my reply Jo, I'm still recovering! It was a treat to see you at the Festival.

  2. I love medieval festivals and this one looks to be particularly wonderful. Looking forward to more photos...

    1. Hi Stregata, tis a wonderful festival great ambience. For more images see Jo's blog she took some awesome images from the day

  3. Beautiful photos for a great event.
    My daughter and I go every year to our local Medieval festival.

  4. Hi Marilena, as I mentioned to Stregata Jo took some awesome images. Unfortunately I don't have the chance to see everything needing to be at my stall. I hear it is very entertaining.


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