Monday, April 14, 2014

tea bags mounted to canvas

The intensity of working on a certain medium over several months can open the flood gates for more creative ideas and experimentation, working on Expressions of Love II last year was no exception, it was super intense utilising over 10,000 tea bags, the ideas were literally oozing, it was challenging to juggle these creative juices and remain focused on the task at hand. I was able to steer off the beaten track every now and then, to explore this new found 'inspiration' and capture its intensity - so many fantastic concepts are given birth in these moments and they are not to be missed! I would often find myself working on a piece for Expressions of Love II then take a giant sideward step to initiate a new idea and document it, knowing when I could confidently come back to it at a later date, I would pick up the previous project again.

Expressions of Love II was carefully curated to build a sense of nostalgia upon entering into Gallery 3 with the object based works suituated on plinths, my intent was to draw my audience into a familar setting as seen with the works in Expressions of Love 2010 i.e 'Cols Cushions', the 'L' shaped gallery space allowed for it perfectly.  The direct view saw 'Close Knit CommUNITY' which lead the way for my new direction, by ustilising one knitting needle and hung 'partially literal' paved the way for this new direction with the final works in the larger open space - the three major works mounted to stretched canvas brought my audience with me into a new area I wish to explore - moving from the 'literal' sense into a contemporary context with wall based works.  This is not to say I am finished with object plinth based works, just for now, I wish to push the boundaries from the norm!

Which leads me into here, one such idea I have been entertaining and decided to explore...using original photos - process driven work exploring the element of rhythm and repetition with printed imagery on square shaped tea bags and mounted to stretched canvas...

A detail of the completed work comprises 374 recycled tea bags, entitled, Steel Square Tubing - Painted (30"x40)

Recycled tea bags drying on the deck - the humble home brewed!

On my treadle sewing machine, several individual panels were sewn first...

Then sewn together, at each interval ironed to maintain their shape and for easy sewing.  I seriously feel in love with the back view - I have most certainly made a note to explore this at a later date!

A backing sheet and binding was sewn with the panel for added strength.

Completed work, mounted to stretched canvas - detail.