Friday, July 29, 2011

trailer & fireplace parts = sculpture

Following on from my previous post - the trailer dismantle and op shop fireplace. Here's a photo of the fireplace dismantled, for you to see how it broke down into six parts...

Fresh material is always inspiring.... In this sculpture I've used one piece from the fireplace - the front grill; pictured top middle, and the springs and triangles from the trailer and a random car (?) part that tied it altogether.

Welding the triangle bits onto a car part of some sort, a closer image below... and in the negative space I have inserted a clay stoneware bone to stand which fit into the hole on the shaft.

Welded and cleaned up by removing all sharp edges etc... the finished piece 'Dance of Creation' stands approx 1.2mtr high...

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

trailer dismantle

One of our trailers had come to the end of its life, to the point were the base was starting to rust out. And, ofcourse I'd had my eye on it for some time now day dreaming of what I could make from it...sculpture fodder, for sure!!

The floor cut into four panels and cleared of excess flakey rust crustacean. These three panels are similar in size and scream triptych to me! Providing the one on the right holds up, its extremely fragile.

The dismantle begins...first off comes the easiest - the back panel.

Then off with the wheel guards, side panels and put to one side.

Yipee, my collection is growing :-D

ooowe, some interesting bits here... love those springs and triangle pieces!

Off comes the floor to make into those yummy panels seen in the first photo

hmm even the shell looks interesting, minus the wheels ofcourse!

The whole process was so inspiring I just had to make a sculpture with the springs and triangle bits - that'll be my next post and I will have an image of the fireplace (op shop must have from below) in the six parts...

Monday, July 18, 2011

Artist by Artist ...and action!

(click this link to read Natalija's post)

Well there's no rest for the wicked, with the Medieval Festival behind me it's straight back to work!!!! Artist by Artist deadline is fast approaching, and it was time to put the 3D props into action. A sneak peak...

Me pulling the rope with Natalija filming.

A behind the scene's shot Natalija getting my cardboard London double decker bus in focus (and me casting the shadow). I gotta say, yesterday was the most hilarious day I'd had in a long time!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

op shop - must have!

Out on my rounds a couple of weeks ago I came across an op shop, and sometimes you see something that well, you just can't go past! Yep, it was a 'must have' a fireplace that de-assembles into six parts. Like, totally awesome!!!!

Then I took a couple of photo's from a book that looked interesting - bit of inspiration with this one,

I liked how this image captures the essence of a windy day!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Medieval Fest - part two & Trophy presentation

To set the scene and paint a the early hours of Sunday morning, a frosty light mist still remains...tis quiet and still. The aroma of burnt out fires that warmed the night. Slight sounds of movement from costume bells and chains and voices as folk awaken....

beautiful encampments....

Castles and flags. Lady Rosalie presenting trophies for strength of skill, archery, joust, oil wrestling and more...

Being cheered and acknowledged for their skill -handcrafted Medieval Mugs were awarded. It was an honour for me being commissioned to provide the trophies for the award presentation.

Lord Horn Master and his prize Medieval Mug for best in Archery...

Medieval Fest - part one

My memorial moments from the 22nd Abbey Medieval Festival, 2011...

The hired hand! (good help is hard to find)

A visit from good buddies Jen & Rob, enjoying the festivities and dressing for the occassion.

Potiential sales....

I have two tables for my set-up, this side display's my ceramic wares...

...and this one my leather pouches, earrings and medieval games made in clay.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Medieval Mayhem

T'is that time of the year for the annual Abbey Medieval Festival. Today was tables set-up ready for the big weekend...

the view from my stall, but I'm sure it will look a whole lot different tomorrow when the rest of the encampments are set up and crowds roll in, I'll take some more pix tomorrow....

Monday, July 4, 2011

Diamond on the inside

'MALENY IMAGE 8 : between the lines' - Take two! Last month we - COMA (Collaborative of Maleny Artists) members we were asked to create an artwork inspired by a book we had recently read on the theme 'between the lines', and exhibited at Rosetta's bookshop. We've now been given another opportunity to re-exhibit on the same theme, this time in the Maleny library starting on Monday11th July and continuing until Monday 25th July.

Seeing both artworks "Peace Within" and "Rest, Live, Seek" sold in the first showing, I was given the ok to make another piece. This time though, it is hanging space only and still set within the size of 120mm x 120mm. Being a 3D artist I had to reconsider my angle! Fortunately I've been entertaining the idea of two dimensional assemblages, so what a great opportunity to try my hand at it.

Focusing on the same book I chose for the first exhibit, a small booklet I came across, a chance find really, on Australian sculptor Ian McKay , some of his works are large scale, rusted, welded steel and found objects. After learning a little on Ian, it is his philosophy that I resonate with most. He is not necessarily driven by the need for prizes or accolades and likes to work with a piece rather than using control to dictate the final outcome. It has been said, "He sculptures are neither what you would describe as appealing, for McKay a sculpture has to have the right amount of bad taste."

With all this in mind, once again I gathered some steel (small scale) to see what evolved. This time I added another element to the mix, perspex. Another thing I have been contemplating... the centre is mirrored perspex and surrounding is clear (although it is hard to see in the photograph).

While making this piece, I kept hearing the song "Diamonds on the inside"by Ben Harper, just those four words - on repeat, over and over and over and over and over ..... With my assemblages there always seems to be an underling message within them if I listen close enough. This one however was quiet loud and clear, with the repetitive tune. If you were to look at this piece in the flesh, close up, you would see your reflection looking back at you. What I see, is, that this precious diamond is you!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

and the winner is....


Thanks for entering in my Connection - 'mini me' giveaway Robyn, Luthien, Jo, Noela & Ken . I wish I had enough legs to make four more!!!