Saturday, January 27, 2018

exhibition images on website + highlights

Exhibition images for Domestic Duties Chapter Three 'Sacred in the Domestic' are now uploaded to my website for peeps that were to far away or for those who were unable to visit the gallery.

Click here > for viewing 😊

Huge thanks to all the staff and volunteers at Noosa Regional Gallery for their support while presenting my exhibition - their manner of professionalism is second to none!

A few exhibition highlights to share with you...

Super fun time with gallery staff installing my exhibition - painting plinths.

Assembling the rotary clothesline with Glen, my partner in crime and rock.

Friends visiting the gallery 😍 and texting me a photo giving me the thumbs up!

After hours upon hours of intense labour completing this piece, finally seeing Radiant Love being hung.

...and making it seem all worth while when peeps were seen taking the time to admire your work!

The Kids Art Space being embraced by one and all, even the locals ... 

Seeing a proud Carmela (below) with her hand-made personalised prayer flag hanging and her seven happy words ... 'Happy, Playing, Baby, Music, Pancakes, Clean and Toys'.

I particularly like the graffiti residue left on the table when writing on the fabric for making the personalised prayer flag hangings.

Fashioned by Brooke, the Peg Mandala activity is made complete with round table and donut cushions.

Facilitating seven children's art activities over the duration of the exhibition, and wrapping it up with the Peg Doll Making Workshop on ArtPlay Sunday.

A happy tiny peep with her hand-made peg doll ...