Wednesday, June 26, 2013

full steam ahead!

Time is ticking by so quick with nearly one month until d-day for my Gympie solo exhibition, my lack of posts is a true indication I have been grinding (literally) away the hours in the studio as well as burning the midnight oil.  Not wanting to say it too loud for in fear of the flying spanner! ...with all my medieval preparations almost in order and working on the final touches with the last of my assemblages... I think, I am starting to feel like I am on top of things, yipeeee! ....well, for now anyhows - only two days ago I felt like I was gasping for air, oh the joys of fluctuations of being an artist! 

The last few weeks (inbetween glazing and firing medieval ceramics and de-teaing tea bags, knitting, latch hooking etc., into the evenings....) I have being wreaking havoc for the neighbours with all the noise pollution echoing through the valley, banging and clanging all through day... I have tried to mix it up abit with my routine as to give them a break from all the noise, but the last few weeks have been fairly intense. - I did manage to take a couple of images 'in the makings' ...and NO my bench is not always this tidy, I couldn't help myself, I did clear the bench for some of the photos.

Of course these images show works in progress, in contemplation, the maybe's and the maybe not's - just a snippet behind the scenes and what can find its way onto my work bench. 

I am currently working on these following three pieces at the moment, doing the finishing touches... the two lighter pieces have been sanded with the darker third piece next in line. I like the randomness of working with the lay of the waterjet cuts each piece takes on its own identity and presence.  The protruding plates you can see, are for the porcelain bone to rest onto - these are designed to hang on the wall, backed with another material, to which I will reveal at a later date.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Teasing the Domestic on display

I had hoped to blog an update on Teasing the Domestic sooner, however there's still time if you are in the area and would like to call in.  The exhibition remains on display until this Sunday 22nd.  Some snap shots from bump-in and what's on display...


Final set-up - space and plinth furniture was limited, tressel tables saved the day!

Selected artworks from my Expressions Of Love exhibition

Detailed images, artworks from Maleny artist Corrie Wright

Detailed images, Crochet artwork by Toowoomba artist Kellie-Marie McEwan

And some crazy creative Tea Cosies !

(select entries from the 2010 and 2012 World Tea Cosy Competition)