Saturday, January 28, 2012

Domestic Duties update: a BIG thank you to...

As the new year takes off, I am in full swing into planning my next events for the year.... with an update on what is happening in the land of DOMESTIC DUTIES.

Firstly, a I need to acknowledge and give a HUGE BIG THANK YOU to Dorothy, Nicola and Tania. They have been diligently collecting ONE words for me since the beginning and I am ever grateful of their time and enthusiasm.

Dorothy collected over two hundred words,

Nicola kindly took my booklet to her market stall "Wild Nature" in Cairns,

and Tania at The Clay Shed got onboard and asked customers to add to the collective.

Next on the agenda for my DOMESTIC DUTIES PROJECT - reclaiming my booklets I have started to create artworks and developing a thoery as to the collective and will be undertaking a Solo Exhibition and Installation "Domestic Duties" at Studio 4 Gallery, Marcoola from Thurs 31st May to Sun 24th June, 2012.

If your not familar with my Domestic Duties project see my previous blog posts by clicking > here (ofcourse you will need to scroll down to the first post at the beginning)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

opening night & new works on display

Upon arrival to Studio 4 Gallery's latest exhibition last week you were welcomed with an ambience of intimacy lit with candlelight emulating a radiant glow over the artworks and the air was filled with a warm balmy summer breeze..... It could very well have been an intentional ambience mind you, however it wasn't. It was due to the electricity company cutting the power for some reason, unexplained and unnotified! However inconvenient, it did create a lovely ambience to the evening, and depite the suituation (which would have sent me into a spin), Directors Jennifer and Richard Stiller remained totally calm and in control, and made everyone feel welcomed and relaxed, as the nibbles were served and the wine flowed.

Thinking that was set for the evening... a large roar from the crowd was heard as the power came back on and just in time for the official opening speech.
Jennifer Stiller still smiling, opens the exhibition.

And a group shot - from left; me (Kim Schoenberger), Victoria Fitzpatrick, Jo Murray and Kym Barrett.

My previous post showed "Starry Nights" and sold on the day the exhibit opened even before the official opening. Below two images are 'details' of the other two pieces made in this series (of three only).

"Sailing the Seas"

"City Lights"
And my new works for the gallery shop were also on display...

"Guardian Wolf" (sold)

Miniatures "Gateway I & II"
The exhibition is now open for viewing and is current until Sunday 5th February, 2012. For more details on Gallery hours or directions please click > here

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

next group exhibit

In between working towards exhibitions I like to allow myself freedom of expression to create - letting go of all preconcieved outcomes. I created a triptych earlier last year made from stump caps, barb wire rusted steel and the like and have been waiting for the right time and place to showcase them.

I was invited to participate in Studio 4 Gallery Jan/Feb group exhibition where each artist were asked to exhibit three artworks. The exhibition is being hung today with the official opening this Saturday 7th January, 2012 from 5.30pm.

A snippet detail of one of my works (of three), sold separately or as a triptych. Made from stump caps, barb wire, rusted steel and recycled materials.

"Starry Nights"

Dia 41cm x D 7cm

For directions to the gallery click > here