Friday, March 23, 2012

Rosebed St Collection

The next thing on the agenda is a small collection of my assemblages are now being showcased in a current group exhibition entitled "Rosebed St Collection" at Rosebed St Gallery (pictured below)
And to add some exciting news.... on the first day of the exhibition the gallery was visited by a TV and film crew, the gallery, owners and artworks on show will feature in a popular television show in the next coming weeks.
It is a credit to Annie and Maya, their dedication has made the gallery a great success that it is, this is a well deserved reward indeed!
"To the Point"
"Balancing Act"

p.s post 199 > which means the next post is the 200th giveaway!!!!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Porcelain is on its way to W.A.

I know I've been quiet the last month or so in the land of blog, I do have very good reasons I promise! I won't bore you with all the long winded details, however I will share you with some of the exciting news that has developed.
A small collection of my current Southern Ice Porcelain works; Etched and Punctured Series are making their way as (I type) to Streater Gallery in Western Australia. John Streater Fine Furniture - Yallingup Western Australia is a stunning gallery situated in Yallingup near the Margret River.

I am so grateful for how things are moving along for me at the moment, I feel I am needing to extend this good will forth! This is my 198th post - so get ready folks, a 200th giveaway is just around the corner!!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

New ceramics on display

It has been a busy few weeks for me, among the kiln firings, deadlines and delivery of new stocks, I have just graduated from a short business course called 'Build your Business' presented by Edgeware and last night I had a display at the "EDGIE BUSINESS SHOWCASE" a show and tell, and walk the talk - presented by Edgeware and SCAIP (Sunshine Coast Arts Industry Precinct) as a newly initiated "Edgie".
It was a hugely successful evening jam packed full of Edgie businesses and entertainment. To share a few photographs with you - my display of new ceramics (apart from the top right piece) of fine white delicate Southern Ice porcelain and not long out of the kiln.
and my more familar assemblages.
I couldn't resist the opportunity to collect some more words towards my next Solo Exhibition Domestic Duties represented by 'Dance to the Beat'. Thanks Sandra!
and a few extra photos from the evening...