Wednesday, October 24, 2012

guest judge

Yesterday I was one of three guest judges for Sunshine Beach State School's Art Extravaganza.  A tough call. A part from the obvious, how does one single out an artwork above another, when knowing only to well myself how important it can mean to 'win' an award. I heard myself repeat the words, "can we give another encouragement award???" Certainly things have come along way since my high school days some (eeeks!) 30yrs ago.  A credit goes out to all the students involved their work was of high standard, and certainly not forgetting the teachers for providing a nurturing environment for such creativity to flourish.  What a wonderful platform and experience for young emerging creatives to experience...

One such creative (for me) was a stand out - young Guy Lobwein (Yr.11) only 16yrs. I had an opportunity to chat briefly with Guy on his motivations of his subject, his exstensive research into the history of war reflects the maturity seen through his work.  Not alone in this notion, Guy picked up the Acquisitive and the People's Choice Awards.

Below, for me, this was my favourite and stand out piece in the whole exhibition, an installation with a projection of footage from the war.  I'm not normally drawn to works of this nature, but something resonated within me and I found myself really drawn to it!  This piece didn't pick up an award but was certainly a powerful piece with an even powerful message...

Mask of Expression - Installation
The following images are really only quick grab / snap shots and are not comprehensive of all the winning pieces, by the time I went to take the photos both rooms were way too crowded (...and apologies for the tardy compositions!).
Award Winner:  Acquisitive Award - Guy Lobwein (yr.11) for Fodder pen on paper.  The detail in this piece is truely incredible!

Award Winner: Traditional 2D media (including painting, print making & drawing) - Blair Crisdale (yr.12)for his Seven Deadly Sins - paint & marker. Blair was also the winner of this years logo design for the Art Extravaganza Catalogue and T- Shirt (last image below).

Award Winner: Multi-media (digital art, mixed media, installation) - Asha Tregear (yr.12) for her piece Seven Deadly Sins - multi-media, as seen in the top row of artworks. 
Award Winner: 3-D Works (sculpture, ceramics) - Cody Hincks (yr.11) for his piece Neglect - clay and metallic glaze.  A thought provoking piece...

Encouragement Award: 3-D works - went to Amber Caynes (yr.12) for her piece Steampunk Warrior - sculpture. Being an assembler of the found object myself, this piece was another favourite of mine. I happend to met Amber last night too, and we talked about our recent discovery of Steampunk Art. 
The annual Sunshine Beach SHS Art Extravaganza is not only a visual art exhibition, the gala evening, showcases a smorgsboard of talent with performance art, drama and music.
The winning logo (mentioned above) designed by Blair...

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

commission progress

Things are coming along nicely with the commission - the steel structure is ready and awaiting the clay component.  A few photographs to show how it's looking...

The two spirals are welded at points where the steel meets at the top and then reinforced with a steel plate welded to the base (lid) inbetween the spirals for strength.  This serves as the lid and bolts on either side to lock it all together - the clay blocks* are built up in the centre to the top and will highlight the house number No.11.

* (the clay blocks will be the dry Cream Glaze as the totem sculpture with the three shell spirals in my previous post)

A few minor changes to my design - angle steel replaces the reo for added strength and to protect the clay edges. Four brackets instead of two, to secure at the base.  The bolts on the lid had to be reconsidered and put to the side so the internal plates for securing were not in the way of the clay being placed within.  Overall the sculpture is shaping up like my design (which of course was not to scale, I might add).


Behind view...

Next post will be on the clay component - so I best get into the studio and get on with it!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

back into sculpting!

I've been working with a plethora of material this year, however, as much as its been fun, I feel it's time to settle back into my chosen materials of steel, clay and found objects for a bit!

To get back into the saddle, I've silently been working away on a commission. Taking on commissions are a great way to push the boundaries and of course they help pay the bills!

My scratchings on paper helped when discussing my ideas with my clients. A few minor changes were made but by and large, we were all happy with the concept design.

Below, some works that inspired my clients - the stacked block concept, spirals and rough textured clay.  These earlier works grace our gardens and are also incorporated into our landscape designs for Enviro Scapes (landscape garden business).

You'll notice the steel component incorporated into my design above - which is really where my focus now lies in the combination of steel, clay and found materials, much like my recent totemic forms below...however this particular commission is a little more conservative.

I'll marry these ideas together to form the basis of the sculpture (the design above) with an addition of most recent discovery and technique Waterjet cutting. Below; spirals and 'No.11' cut in mild steel by Steve at Caloundra Waterjet Cutting

Experimenting with placement...