Monday, May 30, 2011

Matchbox show exhibits

An exhibition of ceramic artworks in a matchbox, titled "Up in Smoke" a fitting title don't you think? Michael Ciavarella is the brain child behind this groovy concept. The project began last year at the Clay Energy conference in NSW, Michael's goal is to reach 5000 boxes and will take "Up in Smoke" to Finland's International Ceramics Conference in 2014. My humble little offering is among the many, the number of entries is growing with each day..

"Up in Smoke" is now exhibiting at Noosa Regional Gallery, Tewantin - continues to June 5th.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

porcelain with mixed media

It's been some time since I have posted any news about my ceramics on my blog and my reason being I have decided to use facebook as my primary platform for it (if you are wanting to see what's going on in the studio, all you need do is, scroll down, click on the fb link on this home page).

These days my ceramics practice is divided between my new found love of welding assemblages, and as it seems the 'clay & found objects' are starting to somewhat meld toward each other, as seen in the first couple of images... I'm straying alittle from my familiar coarse clay body to explore the pure white fine delicate body of southern ice porcelain - it's such a beautiful clay to work with and when fired to stoneware, feels like the skin of a new born - it's the ala carte of all porcelain (in my books anyhows!). I'm really enjoying breaking away from the norm, to have a play, and see what will evolve...

"Punctured I"

southern ice porcelain, clear gloss glaze inside, three rusted horse shoe nails

Detail - inside view

I can see some of my love of symbolism, coming through in the fall of the nails in this piece

"Flourish 1 & 2"

Detail - inside view

The next two assemblages - Clown & Maxine are reminiscesnt of fond childhood memoirs...

"White Clown"

southern ice porcelain, sterling silver diamante bracelets, anklets & parts, colapsible

Close-up view of diamante bracelet - a bit of bling!


southern ice porcelain, colapsible, sterling silver diamante collar and accessories.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

My ABC Open Artist by Artist - Artist Pat Flynn

I'd like to introduce PAT FLYNN my partner for the ABC Open - Artist by Artist project... It's like where do I start! In this post you will notice some extra links - it'll take you into the world of Pat.

Pat is an accomplished writer, (ex-professional Tennis player and teacher), modest and humble man and it is such an honour to be producing this documentry on him and under the professional guidance of ABC Open Producer Natalija Brunovs.

Pat writes realistic fiction with a dose of humour for young adults. among his long list of books and accolades, the most recent credit to his name is shortlisted for the 2011 REAL Awards (Reading & Enjoying Australian Literature) for his novel the "Tuckshop Kid"

Pat Flynn

Recently, Pat has taken up playing tennis all in the aid of research for his current work in progress - Ace a 28-year old tennis player who makes a comeback to the pro tour. Pat is competing in the Open Tournaments, he has started a blog tennisandwriting
on his comeback and journey...

Natalija filming Pat busting some moves on his skateboard.

Pat started writing at 30 (yrs) his first four novels Alex Jackson series - were based on a talented young skateboarder - Pat learnt to skate all in the name of research!

On the receiving end of the microphone, Pat gets a behind the scene's shot of Natalija and me in his interview.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

ABC Open - partners revealed

I'm excited to announce that I have been selected among nine other (extremely talented) artists to partake in an ABC Open - Artist by Artist project. ABC Open has paired together artists to make documentaries on each other.

Such a wonderful opportunity, and a great bunch of extremely talented artists involved. I am really looking forward to it.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Four Sights

For me this assemblage has a resolution feel to it - not insomuch as to interpret an ending per se more of an understanding, coming to an awareness or an accomplishment of... until the next chapter, anyhows.

My recent mood and emotion has most definitely being a direct influrence on what has been coming through within my assemblages and upon looking back on the process an evident religious spiritual theme has appeared - such as the sculptures 'House of the Holy : Enlightenend Ones, Trinity, and Temple Within...'

The majority of my process in the assembling is preety much an automatic pilot and chance happenings - once I've attained an allowing, a freeing from all and any conscious control and thought, can the create energy be drawn upon. Then later observations, once I've given time to breathe between each process, am I able to formulate the technical side of things; the drilling, welding etc... into the construction of the piece. You know tho' - the best observations I have had with my works are actually the comments made by the viewer. Yes! I love, encourage and welcome these comments - for they help me in the way of looking at and seeing the piece - which I may not have be aware of...they are gold moments and at times become a pivotal turning point, in the direction in my life - and I am thankful for all those comments!

"House of the Holy :

Four Sights"

H 27cm x W 12cm x D 10cm

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Radiant Soul

Radiant Soul - is a sturdy piece to say the least with a 10LB Sledge Hammer head at the base, and a barbeque burner welded vertically upright. The stoneware clay bones protrude from the burner are representations of one's own perspective or persona that radiates outward.

This piece emanates as being feminine, previously my reference to the majority of my assemblages has been masculine, until one day someone pointed out that they saw them as feminine. Puzzled over this comment at the time, however now yes, I believe he was right!

Radiant Soul

H 43cm x W 23cm x D 7cm

Firmly grounded, anchored to mother earth, solid foundation to build upon, ignite one's own flames and sustain, for She will hold her head high and Radiate...........