Friday, July 18, 2014

end of an era

I must apologise for my tardy blogging of late, it seems I am caught up in a rapid whirlywind - this year is racing by so quick leaving very little time for anything and omg, before you know it, we're already in July!!  I believe the time has come for me to reassess all this big decisions are being made and changes are taking place.

In all the flurry of happenings, I recently facilitated a Medieval Pottery workshop at the Kids Medieval Fun Day and have been working under the pump and around the clock preparing my wares for The Abbey Medieval Festival, held last weekend in the grounds of Abbeystowe (behind the Abbey Museum, Caboolture), and to the most glorious Winter weather I might add!

2014 marked the 25th Anniversary of the Abbey Medieval Festival and saw my 20th year of trading, and sadly my last year of trading. Yes, this is certainly one of my biggest decisions I have ever made in a long while - currently the event receives crowds of over 40,000 peeps coming through the gates, the most part of 6 mths of my year is devoted to preparing for the event - working on both, the medieval festival and exhibiting for my art practice is incredibly demanding of my time and something has to give, I know, now is the right time for me to hang up my medieval boots and move forward with my arts practice.

From humble beginnings, way back in 1994...

 To the present day of 2014...

I would really like to thank everyone, who, over the cause of the weekend supported my decision and purchased the last of my stock, two full tables of pottery dwindled down to a couple of mugs, my third table of leather products was reduced considerably, props and all the bits and bobs were sold out.  I am feeling a sense of overwhelming gratitude for all the support and warm gestures I received too, it was really mind blowing, I had no idea how much my stall was appreciated. Heart felt moments... especially when a lady from one of the re-enactment groups told me her story... each and every year her kids loved and would buy my lucky dips and now they were all grown up (between 25-30yrs old) and still treasure them, omg, how precious! And, I will certainly miss the fun, and the sense of community that is shared behind the scenes - a credit to all the Staff & volunteers at the Abbey Museum - fond memories I will cherish forever! ♥♥♥