Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Used tea bags wanted!

Always one to see the positives in things - this is one positive I love about social media.  A little over a week ago I made a call-out for used tea bags via emails and facebook.  Here's my message I sent out...

"I am on the war path to collecting more used tea bags.  My late dear mother Rosemary was the forerunner in collecting all the tea bags I used in my 2010 "Expressions Of Love" Exhibition, unfortunately she is no longer with us anymore to rally them up for me, so, I am extending my call outward...
I have a solo exhibition (yet to be named) at Noosa Regional Gallery in 2014 - the next installament on my "Expressions Of Love" art works - which was eight years in the making.  To my amazement thousands of tea bags went into the quilt alone, so I need to start collecting now!  As I only have under one year to produce another body of new work."

The response has been overwhelming with reply emails, messages on facebook and the like from folk all over the countryside even as far as Brissy willing to start collecting for me.    I even received a photograph with a message from Anneke "Sammie guarding the tea bags" pictured below. 

And,  Rosebed St Gallery Directors Maya & Annie have offered their gallery as a collection point to drop off all the dried tea bags* (many thanks ladies).   If your into a drop of tea and would like to join in, you are more than welcome!  My email address if you would like me to come and collect them.

I shared this image on facebook the other day - my deadly treadly still rockin, it's sewn thousands of teabags, thousands more to come no doubt. It was given to me by my mother for my sweet 16th birthday.  

Here's Sammie soaking up the rays keeping an eye on the drying tea bags... Anneke's drying set-up here looks awesome...  oh yer while I'm on the subject many folk have asked me how to dry them, this is my method... 
Method for drying tea bags all intact; tea, string and labels. (any brand or flavour)
The best way to dry them is in the sun or in an airy warm position until dry - ie; on the window sil, outside verandah, concrete area or similar and on a plate to avoid staining (or better still on a piece of timber) and when completely dry stored in a paper bag or cardboard box. (Wet teabags stored in a plastic bag go mouldy and are rendered unusable)

Many thanks to everyone who have joined in so far, it is greatly appreciated!!!! Kindest regards...Kim

*Rosebed St Gallery
13 Rosebed St, Eudlo, 4554
Phone:07) 54573780
Wed- Sun, 10am - 4pm

Monday, February 11, 2013

Two Group Exhibitions - Two Galleries

It can be so exhilarating and inspiring exhibiting amongst other creatives, I never cease to be amazed by the talent of other artists, for me its so inspirational I end up going into creative overload and over drive and being a live-wire for days...!  Its almost like I should go and get therapy for it.  

Two fab galleries; Studio 4 Gallery, Marcoola and Rosebed St Gallery, Eudlo (which I might add.... are two local professional galleries that nurture, support and provide us with a venue to showcase our art works and reach a wider audience) are both currently showcasing a group exhibition, that feature my ceramic assemblages, so if your in the area...

 'Childhood Companions' Max & Maxine - (more images on my website Small Is The New Big) at Studio 4 Gallery and exhibiting until 24th Feb, 2013.
 ...and my metal and porcelain Flourish III (more images on my website: Roses Of Rosebed) at Rosebed St Gallery and exhibiting until 3rd March, 2013.

Exhibition specs:
Studio 4 Gallery, Marcoola
Small Is The New Big
Until 24th February, 2013

Rosebed St Gallery, Eudlo
Roses of Rosebed
Until 3rd March, 2013

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

crating artworks for tour

The last couple of weeks its all been about getting my art works together for Artslink Queensland 2013-14 Touring Exhibition Teasing The Domestic. (details in a previous post ) Special crating care is specified for art works to tour - museum quality crating, as the works will travel for two possibly three years so the art work really needs to be packed into strong firm boxes.  We were recommended  to use Rebul, I can highly recommend them too, if your ever in need of quality crating. Packaging can seem a little tedious at times but using this new crating system, I found it quiet an interesting process so much so I documented it to share it with you!

They come as flat pack.

Assembling was a breeze, each section slot into each other with pvc pipe, run along the hard cardboard tubular tracks, I also chose the option of internal foam lining.  The outer shell is covered with a thin sheet of MDF board with carry handles.

I considered several options for securing the artworks inside the crate, as it goes I had a chunk of foam left over from packaging another artwork and if fit snug as a bug, how awesome was that!!  I also bought another slab of foam to go on top, it ended up being the right internal height, even without prior measuring - the gods were on my side this time :-)
I opted to carve into the foam so the art works fit snug into the hole, first by outlining each art work and carving into the foam using an electric carving knife (images below), I learnt this trick from the foam supplies, the knife cuts into the foam like butter and a cool neat cut too, I wish I knew about this trick years ago!!!

I discovered too that cutting smaller lengths made it easier to pull out evenly - below:

My Domestic Duties Chp.2 art works with their fragile little movable bits; arms, legs and bases all safe and snug in the foam - atleast I can rest easy they will all travel safely inside the crates whilst in transit.

To date; Teasing The Domestic is booked for 2013 and fast filling for 2014.