Tuesday, August 30, 2011

domestic duties update

The response to my Domestic Duties Project has been overwhelming!!! It has only been a few weeks since I officially launched the project and literally hundreds of ONE words are rolling in. The idea of creating additional booklets placed with some friends has added to the growing list as well, I even have a booklet in Cairns (Thanks Nic, and Tania). 

So far - the 'feeling' dominating the chores around the home are - yes you guessed it!!!! Mostly negative consisting of; uninspired, necessity, consuming, chore etc... although there are the occasional positive word like; refreshed, cleansing and rewarding.  Even though the subject seems to be focused on washing and pegs, it is open to other domesticated tasks ie; mowing the lawn - so men can join in too!

Along with my search for words and for a Hills Hoist clothes line - collecting other washing memorobilia has developed as in my last post with a call for old pegs. For most part, each ONE word(s) will be written onto a wooden peg - so the other unusual or plastic pegs or memorobilia I collect along the way will transform into artworks.

A bucket of discarded pegs soon became a Peg Mandala, still in progress - it will have a wooden ring behind to hold them in place and possible spokes for the centre part.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Open studio - and the neighbours to the rescue!

Today was a wet drizzly day but it didn't deter the many visitors to my studio for Arts Connect Inc's Creative Spaces - open studios. Amongst them a bus load of 20 +. We all gathered around under the house (out of the rain) checking out my working space of kilns, the welding gear, sculptures, and my rusty stockpile of bits and bobs...

Misty skies ...

...the bus awaits its passengers to be taken to the next port of call.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Creative Spaces - open studios

Featured in the Sunshine Coast Weekender for Creative Spaces - open studios

It is so wonderful to see that the word has spread long and wide, the results have been amazing, with visitors making their way through over 30 artist studios. One lady that told me, she and her friend had visited 16 studios in one day!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

My signs are up and the neighbour comes down to check out the action!

All systems are go for Arts Connect Inc's Creative Spaces - open studios program for the weekends 20-21st and 27-28th August and all my signs are in place..........

It is some distance from the main road in, so I figured I best make extra arrows just incase!

The temptation to paint a little on me as well was just toooo hard to resist, teehee.

Yup, that worked...and one for the entrance too

Then the neighbour comes racing down to see whats all the fuss...

Its abit like "wazzup! Kimbo?"

"Well Denny I said, its open studios weekend ofcourse!"

If you would like to visit my studio this weekend 20-21st or next 27-28th August, 2011 - you are more than welcome, just drop me an email and I'll get straight back to you to arrange a time info@kimschoenberger.com or you can call me on 0480 182 760

Thursday, August 18, 2011

invitation to participate

Yesterday I delivered three artworks to 'MOMENTUM' Brisbane Grammar School 42nd Art Show (19th and 20th August, 2011) - I was invited to participate some months ago and I have been working on a couple of assemblage art pieces to have ready in time to exhibit. In the meantime...I was sent the paperwork for requirements etc... as you do, and to my supprise I saw that it was by invitation only.

Now seen as one of Queensland's largest Art shows, Brisbane Grammar School 2011 Exhibition showcases over 600 individual works of art including paintings, prints, photos, jewellery and sculptures.

My three works to be exhibited...

'Four Sights'

'And So the Pendulum Swings'

'She Stands Upon the Threshold'
Opening night: Friday 19th August, 2011 from 7pm (for invite)

Free Admission on Saturday 20th August, 2011 from 10am to 3pm - Alternatively you can click here to preview artworks.

Address: Brisbane Grammar School - Centre for Art, Gregory Terrace, Brisbane Q 4000

Monday, August 15, 2011

open studio's

I'm opening my studio to the public as part of Arts Connect Inc. "Creative Spaces - open studios program over 30 artists have been selected to partake and is running for the month of August targeting the weekend's of 20th & 21st and 27th & 28th. The Creative Spaces program is focused on our creative working space giving visitors an insight to our working environment and seeing I have shared alot of this already on my blog, I thought I'd share a few snap shots of some works that I will have for sale...

For details to visit my studio and the other artists involved is all mapped out on Arts Connect Inc's website

Sunday, August 14, 2011

weed week

Maleny Image 9: Introduced COMA's next exhibition is to coincide with Weed Week - observed throughout the Shire and promoted through the Maleny Library. Our challenge to make an artwork via researching introduced species and how they have affected - or infected - our local enviroment...

My entry: "Farmer's friend!" the ole Cobblers' Pegs Bidens pilosa and ofcourse using my found objects approach...

My spin on it, is not so much on the negitave effects it has on our enviroment but how to perhaps consider its usefulness.

Bits and pieces gathered together to work with, see the old wire brush bottom right?

Perfect burrs for my Cobblers' peg!!!!!

...and what better way to use of my old typewriter from High School to translate Cobblers' Pegs story. It was a bit hard though without the backspace key!!

The finished piece, I've added a little touch of me into the piece - its a bit like Where's Wally and you really have to look closely to see it.

2D wall assemblage; silky-oak board, found objects, wall paper, cardboard, paper, oils, mounted onto canvas

Thursday, August 11, 2011

WANTED!!! any scruffy ole' PEGS


If you have any random scruffy ole PEGS you no longer need ...I would LOVE to use them in my DOMESTIC DUTIES project. I WILL COLLECT or make the arrangements to collect them.

ps...any peg will be considered useful - no peg will be discriminated against, actually the scruffier the better!

Monday, August 8, 2011

DOMESTIC DUTIES PROJECT - Seeking your thoughts!

A subject I have been investigating for some time now, and as it appears, its nearly two years since I first started collecting and collating my words.

I don't know about you, but I seem to be losing interest in the need to keep a preciously deliciously clean pad. Yer sure hygiene is important and I like to be neat and tidy, but the thought of having to be chained to the ole dreary domestic duties is somewhat similar to the discomfort of a soggy wet sock being thrown and landing on you, on a cold, wet winters day!!!

Which leads me to....

The long term plan...
mind you, in saying this... the long term plan is subject to (slight) variations at any point as the project grows and evolves over time!

Or alternatively come back here to my blog and follow my progress.

If you like the concept and feel like sharing my Domestic Duties Project with all your friends and family - I would LOVE you too!!! Your ONE word can be commented on here or emailed to me at info@kimschoenberger.com thanks!

ps: feel free to comment as many times as you like, with as many ONE words as you like...