Thursday, January 24, 2013

featured in hardcopy!

Some of you already have heard of my latest news, its taken me a few weeks to digest and contain my excitement!  As I've mentioned in an earlier post, last years hard work is starting to pay off.  Featured this time is the Quilt from my Expressions Of Love Exhibition in a sumptuously delicious hardcopy entitled TEXTILES: The Art of Mankind by Mary Schoeser and published by Thames and Hudson

Mary Schoeser, a leading authority in the field of textiles and Honorary President of the UK Textile Society and was commissioned by Thames and Hudson to compile this stunning book - It's 568 pages thick and has over 1000 historical and contemporary images...

Below is my image and features on page 60, and a paragraph on page 26 talks about my piece - I am just beside myself to be included - this one, of course is in honour of my mother, her memory lives on and now in hardcopy and soon the Quilt among other artworks from Expressions Of Love will travel in a touring exhibition across Queensland.  (More details in my next post!)

In loving memory of my spirited mother, Rosemary Bourke.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

500 Teapots

Breaking news!  TEA BRAKE pictured has been selected and will feature in the next publication '500 Teapots Vol.2' by Larks Books (among many other fantastic artists teapots, I might add).

Larks Crafts, 500 Series started with the first volume of 500 Teapots in 2002 since then 35 books have been released.  Other titles in the 500 series include; 500 Art Quilts, 500 Vases, 500 Ceramic Sculptures, 500 Cabinets, 500 Raku, and the list goes on.... and 500 Pitchers (2006) in which I was fortunate enough to be included with another of my images. 

This next edition 500 Teapots Volume 2 will be released this coming August 2013.

Photography by Natalija Brunovs

Sunday, January 13, 2013

more metal in the garden

After making the butterfly sculpture from cutting down the sheetmetal the left over random bits reminded me of plant foliage so I decided to make Glen a couple more bits for the garden.  I am not one to discard metal scraps when they can be useful for sculpture fodder!!

No need for altering this piece of steel (well apart from the curly bits on the end), its already taking on the shape of a Heliconia frond.

This piece reminded me of a Strelitzia flower, two separate shapes were welded together and welded onto a length of reo. 
And an obvious one - a daisy type flower, comprised of three parts welded together.
I welded each piece onto a length of reo, I was contemplating a wall triptych with them however I decided to go the 3D version to accommodate the butterfly sculpture.
Glen finds a home for them in the garden - you do have to be looking to see them, though once the contrasting and surrounding foliage grows on they'll be more visible.