Sunday, January 24, 2010

Work in progress...toward a group exhibition in April, 2010

I've got alot on the go in the studio and each day I work on what feels right, for that day. Throwing on the wheel is not my strongest area when working with clay, but shear determination to master the skill is etched deep inside me since I first put hands to clay.

I am currently working on many projects, each taking priority of what is needed first. In April I am part of a group exhibition titled "Essence of Time" in Graydon Gallery, New Farm - Brisbane. In this exhibition I plan to exhibit my traditional 'Ancient' forms, most of which will be wheel thrown and assembled works, with hand-carved designs.
I don't usually photograph works in the raw stage...but I was really happy with how these came up, I felt they were worthy of a few shots...

3 spouted vessels in the raw 'leatherhard' stage

Detail of the hand carving, designs of ancient beasts

Thursday, January 21, 2010

500 Pitchers

Hot off the Press! I am extremely delighted to announce a work from my graduate exhibition (bottom image) features in the recent edition of '500 Pitchers'.  Published by Larks Books, over 4000 entries were received worldwide, with only six images in the 500 selected from Australia.

500 Pitchers, Larks Books USA, 2006; p.347

 Pitcher, 2002, wheel-thrown and hand-built, formulated mixed clay, mid-fired and dry glaze - Graduate Exhibition, CSIT.

A Letter a Week 2010

ALaW 2010 is a small challenge, project or experiment that was created by Fiona Dempster from paperponderings. The original project started small but is growing, and is primarily about having fun, experimenting and having a regular, small project to focus on each week creating a letter a week and creating 52 letters, which must form 2 alphabets, by the end of 2010.
My first thoughts for my letters were to put them down on paper.... but each time I walked past my rusty pile I just knew had to explore my possiblities there. Within minutes I saw letters standing out at me...I had to hold back as I could have had the whole alphabet done in one sitting!
Each week I go on a rust hunt for new treasures so I've decided to create my 'A Letter a Week' from each find.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Rusty disks

Now I've got my duties done with the commissions....

I'm just itching to get into my rusty pile! My partner came home yesterday with some more treasures, yipee... Four gorgeous plow disks.

I had an old slab of weathered grey wood (from my last find) laying on a sleeper, just happened to lay the disks down onto it to see them individually as they are quiet heavy.

And pure spontaneous creation evolved, a totem sculpture in the making. I knew instantly how it is going to look, now all I need is to find the other piece to complete it.

Watch this space!

Well... I hope it comes to me sooner rather than later, when working with 'found' discarded objects you need to cultivate patience.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Canopic Jars - Commission Abbey Museum

Another commission - Abbey Museum,
this time... four Canopic Jars for their Egyptian Tomb 'dig'

In the making, just finished and are in the raw stage, tallest just over 13" (33cm)

Roman Dig - finished and delivered!

Pottery for the Abbey Museum's Commission - Roman 'Dig' ....Finished!
Each Terracotta piece was burnished and polished by hand with a smooth pebble, and polished again after the final firing to give a gloss finish.

Now they are going to be... buried...unearthed...buried...unearthed...buried...unearthed


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

my grass of home

We've been soooooo dry of late you wouldn't believe that these hills were all brown only a month ago.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Couple of days off with inspiration and rusty finds!

I decided to have a couple of days off from the studio, seeing it is the festive season and most sane people are on holidays!!!! And headed down to Brisvagas to see APT6 (Asia Pacific Triennel Exhibition) at GOMA (Gallery of Modern Art). I couldn't pass the opportunity to seek out one of my favourite Australian Sculptor's 'Robert Klippel' (1920-2001) while we were there.

No. 247 Metal Construction 1965-68

Welded and brazed steel, found objects, wood

Totally inspired and in awe of the works from our visit....
Today we decided to head out on a 'rust hunt' to
find some more treasures to top up my stock pile
....and what a find!

Samian wares

With all the 'festivities' going on it has been a little hard to stay focused. However, I am making head way with the Roman 'Dig' pottery for the Abbey Museum.
These are the bowls that I threw on the wheel just over a week ago
for the 'Samian' ware bowls. It has been quiet a slow process with
many stages to get to the finished result.
'Samian' bowls at the leather hard stage
After throwing them on the wheel, there is the turning of the foot and at the 'leatherhard' stage relief motifs are added (in the Roman times clay was pressed into a mould thus creating the motif time is against me I'm improvising!). Then carefully the surface of the clay is burnished with a polished stone to create a smooth surface until it becomes glossy, buffing it as you polish...which at times can take hours depending on the nature of the design.
Once they are dry I can fire them in the kiln.
'Mapping the Range' Exhibition at Maleny Artworks has
come to an end and upon collecting unsold works I was delighted to find that 'Flourish' and 'Razor's Edge' had sold.
I just needed to share this photo!
The day after I delivered my works a dragonfly flew
into the gallery and landed on my sculpture Razor's Edge
...apparantly it stayed there for half the day
until he/she decided to fly away.
What a special encounter!