Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas and a happy and safe New Year...

Seasons Greetings everyone!
"May Angels always guide you and bring you smiles to share, may they brighten your day and surround you with those who care."   ~ Unknown

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

hot off the press!

With only two days to spare before the xmas/new year business closures my catalogues are all printed and ready Expressions of Love II opening night.  Don't panic the opening is not until 24th January 2014, it's just the silly season and holiday period.... businesses re-open in mid-January 2014 and the thought of printing the catalogues with only a week or two before opening night was way too tight, I opted for the stress free approach and printed them this side of the holidays.  And besides, it's another thing ticked off on the list!

Here's a little teaser of the front cover, slick and simple this time round and like my Insight: journeys in steel and clay catalogue is the same format A5 and six pages.  This is my second attempt at designing my own catalogue and learning these new skills with the design program 'Serif Page Plus' has been an invaluable and surprisingly enjoyable experience.

I am more than happy to snail mail a catalogue to anyone, anywhere. Just leave your mailing details in the comment box below or email me at info@kimschoenberger.com and I'll post you one upon exhibition opening. 
To recap on the exhibition details:
Exhibition dates: Wed 22nd January to Sun 16 February, 2014
Official Opening on Friday 24 January, 2014 at 6pm. Guest Speaker, Janet De Boer O.A.M Editor, ‘Textile Fibre Forum’ Magazine + CEO, The Australian Forum for Textile Arts, Ltd
End note: I would like to acknowledge and thank my IT expert Deb, and the team at Nprint & copy for their assistance whilst creating the catalogue - I really appreciate you help!

Monday, December 9, 2013

"Minutiae" opens @ Rosebed St Gallery

Rosebed St Gallery's saw it's official exhibition opening last Friday night for Minutiae.  A massive crowd gathered in support of a special little gallery in down town Eudlo.

Minutiae (n, pl the small, precise, or trivial details of something: "the minutiae of everyday life") is a wonderful showcase of 430+ artworks from 43 artists (me included) and is Rosebed's annual end of year takeaway art small's exhibition, which means, artworks can be taken home once purchased (link contained within for details).

Curated by gallery owner Maya Cater-Malins Minutiae is a delightful mix of artworks at affordable prices, if your in the area and would like to support local....

A couple of my pieces on show...
It's the Little People

Laugh Dream
More images of my artworks for Minutiae seen on my website, additional artworks can be viewed on-line in Rosebed St Gallery's facebook page.

Exhibition dates: 04 Dec 2013 to 02 Feb 2014
13 Rosebed St, Eudlo
Wed - Sun 10am-4pm

Saturday, November 30, 2013

dyed tea bags a gift from afar...

This week and to my delight I received an array of natural dyed tea bags in the mail from a fellow blogger Trace of Soewn Earth. Trace is a mixed media artist who lives in Western Australia, she uses all natural materials focusing on sustainability and low impact for our environment her work ethic is very inspiring, her works are beautiful, earthy and emulate a calm warm presence.

How super delicious are these!!!  I might sit with these for a little and absorb all the beauty and deliciousness before I use them....(Thanks Te :-)

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Tea Bag Tea Party No.3

Today I hosted my third Tea Bag Tea Party at Rosebed St Gallery.  What is a Tea Bag Tea Party (TBTP) you ask?  Well a TBTP is a chance to have a cuppa, switch off from the daily grind and have some fun and conversation amongst a warm gathering of lovely folk and friends, whilst processing tea bags!  All in aid of my tea bag antics, in this case for my upcoming solo exhibition in January 2014... (here's a link to my website with images of works made with tea bags incase you are unfamilar with what I am up to).

I was blown away and humbled by today's turnout, there was a glitch in the times for the event so I was alittle unsure of what the day might bring.  I was super organised this time with my list on hand and rose with the sparrows this morning to pack everything in the car.... my suitcase brimming with tea bags and my spinning wheel, to which I gave a short demo of spinning with tea bags.

The gallery was overflowing with helpers, out the back we filled two tressle tables with happy tea bag processors...

and another table set-up on the front verandah J

Then another small table inside the gallery.  Seriously, it was sooooo much fun!!!!

AND, it was so groovy to see the guys joining in too!
A close up to show you what we were up to, sorting and deteeing.  You can see a small bundle of emptied tea bags ready for use.
And if all this activity and fun wasn't enough, a super bonus for the day, two very special friends made a surprise visit to join in, from left; Lidwina, me (centre) and Kaye who came all the way from California!!!

What an incredible day, I am so overwhelmed by the response.   A fun day was had by all with talk of wanting me to organise another day - so watch this space peeps!  Come 2014 we may very well see more TBTP's coming your way... J

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

QRAA touring exhibition Brissy launch

This coming Saturday (16 Nov.) see's the Brissy launch for 'The Essential Character of Queensland', Flying Arts touring exhibition for the 2012 Queensland Regional Art Awards and also marks the final leg of the 12 month Queensland tour.  

Throughout 2013, the selected works travelled far and wide to galleries in Roma, Gladstone, Mundubbera, Texas, Chinchilla, and now the tour concludes in the Brisbane exhibition at The State Library of Queensland.

Exhibition festivities kicks off on Saturday (16 Nov) from 1pm with a public forum and a floor talk, then at 3.30pm the exhibition will be officially opened by Chris Saines, Director QAGOMA. With the previous venues being way to far to travel, I am really looking forward in seeing the exhibition.

Exhibition dates: Sat 16 Nov to Sunday 15th December, 2013.

Here's a link to the gallery for more details and gallery hours.

Road Trip, 2012 Printed photographs on acrylic skin adhered to a perspex cube.

I took these four photos when I was about 8 or 9 (amongst 100 others!) on one of our many road trips up north, being a city slicker I was totally marvelled by the country, spanse of the land, the cane fields, the number of bugs hitting the windscreen attracted by the car headlights at night, the air was fresher, crisp and smelt different, the country was a totally different world coming from the city....fond memories etched deep in my psyche of family, fun and a simpler way of life.

To give you a little insight into the photos, the foreground, a man sees me taking the photo and waves as he drives past on his tractor, taken from our car window whilst in motion. Only years later did I notice, there are only two tyres on his tractor, classic! The photograph on the right, cane fields being harvested. The photograph at the back, cane fields littered the landscape and seemed to stretch for miles and miles, and on the left is a giant Fig tree, totally amazed at its scale, I asked to stop so I could take a photograph and saw a landmark noting the biggest Fig Tree in Qld, if only I had thought to photograph the plaque!

Artist Statement:

"In the eyes of a child you will see the world as it should be" - Unknown

This cube encapsulates the essential character of Queensland as seen through the eyes of the artist as a child on a holiday trip to Sarina, North Queensland in 1975.  The Field, the Harvesting and Transporting the Cane along with the towering fig tree.  Hovering in the heart of this cube is a piece of sugar, the defining moment of being a Queenslander in a simpler age where "one of the biggest trees in Queensland" was something to be marvelled at.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Latched with Love

As well as knitting and crocheting works for Expressions of Love II, I have given Latch Hooking a go.   Remebering the rug I made as a child I was quiet excited about the prospect of latch hooking with the tea bags.  Initially, the plan was quiet simple...well, so I thought!  The plan was, to latch hook three different brands of tea bags into a triptych, using one brand for each square. I purchased mesh, three 43cm x 43cm squares and then after counting all the holes to work out how many tea bags it would take to complete the project it hit me. I realised what I had done to myself, I was about to latch hook my way through 4032 holes for each square, totalling 1008 tea bags in each. However it was way to late, my mind was set and I was already committed - looking back on it now though and seeing the end results I am really glad I persevered.

Seeing the completed triptych layed out I was intrigued by the colour variation with each brand of tea, it actually inspired me to explore further.  Once again the initial plan was meant to be simple... create six small latch hook squares of different colours (brands) using 100 tea bags in each. Six soon became thirty six, six of each brand (seen in last image below).

Each piece is entitled, Latched with Love.

Detail, latch hook triptych.


Exploring different brands and varieties of tea, the berry flavoured teas yielded deliciously pink coloured tea bags.   For latch hooking, each used tea bag was emptied and cut into four strips.

 My signature image for the exhibition, and a detail.

Last weeks photoshoot, the layout for the 36 piece latch hook.


Friday, November 1, 2013

Design No.122...

Continuing on with tradition, and after the success with knitting the recycled tea bags I have tried my hand at crocheting with them. 

I was gifted an old vintage knitting / crochet pattern book (thanks Bruce :-) and decided to crochet up 'Design No.122 Girls Crochet Bag', using a size 6 crochet hook creating the shell pattern.  In some parts I have needed to take a little artistic licence in areas due to the nature of the material, for working with the tea bags is certainly different to working with yarn, there is not alot of give, actually there is none and I am a notorious tight tension crocheter which is very obvious upon looking at the detailed image.

I have finished the bag with tea bag internal lining and is adorned with Southern Ice porcelain handles.  Even though I am presented with many challenges to overcome in each project I am loving the end results.

Friday, October 25, 2013

in the post & hung out to dry!

So many tea bags have come in since my call out earlier this year and along the way I have been recording and documenting it and I just had to share these photos with you - so very precious!! This blog post is also dedicated to thanking everyone for all the thousands tea bags I have received so far.

Upon collecting my artwork from Gympie Regional Gallery this week, a small parcel of dried tea bags from Cecile was awaiting me.

This parcel was posted to Rosebed St Gallery earlier in the year (March), sender unknown.

A yellow parcel pack arrived in my post box about a month ago from Anneke.

Posted to Rosebed St Gallery's mail box in August, this parcel is addressed to the 'Tea Bag Collection Agency', priceless! Sender Susan from CSR Bricks & Roofing, Archerfield, Qld.
Another small parcel, addressed to me, arrived in Rosebed's mail box just in time for my 'Tea Bag Tea Party' on Wednesday 23rd October, from Ludmila.

...and the contents, packaged with love 
Our second parcel received from Susan & workmates at CSR Bricks & Roofing in Archerfield, also arriving in time for my 'Tea Bag Tea Party' (Wed 23rd Oct).  This time addressed to 'The Tea Bag Collector' J

I received this photograph in an envelope and a small note reading "Kim, drying tea bags while camping at Myall Park Botanic Gardens, Glennorgan (between Tara & Surat - West of Dalby).  Kay"

Received via an email a photograph and message from Anneke back in February, "Sammie is even guarding the tea bags" 

The following photographs were shared on facebook, earlier in the year.  Katy Lee having to peg her tea bags to the dish drainer to dry because it was so wet.
Also really wet around the time of the photograph and taking full advantage of the sunshine. Hung over the fence, Tracey's tea bags drying in the sun. 

Literally hung out to dry, Patti's tea bags hanging on the clothesline, classic!

I just love receiving all the messages and photographs and delight in all the different ways to dry a tea bag!!!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Current group exhibition

Today saw the opening of my current group exhibition entitled A Letter A Week: Artistic Travels Through the Alphabet, showcased at the Butter Factory Arts Centre, Cooroy until Sat 16th Nov, 2013.

Twenty Six Rusty Letters on Two Old Posts, 2010.
Kim Schoenberger, Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Coordinated by Maleny artist Fiona Dempster A Letter a Week (ALaW) began as a small project to encourage local artists to create or make something each week. With 52 weeks in a year, and 26 letters in the alphabet, the numbers were perfect to create two full alphabets in a year.

It has become an international, internet-based collaboration with around 30 participants in seven countries each year since 2010.  Calligraphers, metalworkers, ceramicists, graphic designers, textile artists and more, the A Letter A Week Exhibition brings together diverse and beautiful interpretations of the Western alphabet.

Here's a visual feast of photographs to share with you - however this is and only a snippet of works in the exhibition there are sooooo many more stunning works on display and is certainly a must see if your in the area!

Heartbeat Alphabet, 2010. Fiona Dempster, Maleny, Queensland.

Alphabet Book 2, 2010. Meg Dunworth, Sydney, New South Wales.

Off Cuts, 2012. Susan Bowers, Montville, Queensland.

Alphabet of Travel, 2011. Noela Mills, Maleny, Queensland.

Dot Dash Dot, 2012. Ken Munsie, Maleny, Queensland.

Milliner's Mind Games, 2010. Christine Elcoate, Hunchy, Queensland.

A Rusty Permutation, 2012. Mieke van Sambeeck, Maleny, Queensland.

Plastic Perspective, 2011. Kim Schoenberger, Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Orange Collaboration, 2012. Annik Potet & Anne Claire Mathis, Saint Flaive des Loups, France.

Be Amazed (& other words to live by), 2012. Lisa McGarry, Florence, France.

Make Do, 2011. Kim Schoenberger, Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Above; Barry Smith and two of his three dimensional works (either side).  Mounted on the back wall, left Mieke van Sambeeck's clay letters entitled Colourful Adventure and on the right my pianola scroll lightbox piece entitled Seven Lonely Days - Fox Trot. 

A handful of exhibiting ALaW artists - I managed to get a group photograph before we all vacated the gallery.  From left; Barry Smith, Jo Murray, Me (Kim Schoenberger), Fiona Dempster, Christine Elcoate and Eliane Witton

And here's a link to the 2012 ALaW blog if your interested in exploring further...