Sunday, December 30, 2012

A New Year ahead...

"As the New Year flows in may you soar ever high, reach greater heights and find happiness in everything you do" 

- Unknown (& photographer unknown)


Lets hope 2013 brings the best of everything, for everyone everywhere...

Saturday, December 22, 2012


"May the good times and the treasures of the present

become the golden memories of tomorrow. 

Wishing you all the love, joy and happiness for Christmas"

- Unknown.

I came across these groovy corrogated iron Christmas Trees on my travels, I just had to photograph them - you will have to excuse the tardy quality - I was behind the drivers wheel hanging out of the car window to take the photo.... and yes, I was stationary at the time!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Metal scraps turn into butterflies

Yesterday as I was stacking and sorting through some new metal scraps (thanks Steve) and to make room for the steel I decided to cut up a large sheet of thin skeletonised waterjet cut sheetmetal that was kinda in the way.  I had been studying the sheet for some days on 'what' I could potentialy do with it and I was already in mind of cutting it down, there was way to much metal (negative space) cut from the piece, not really leaving much in the way of usefulness as a whole or strength for that matter. So out came the grinder!

I was laying out the off cuts bits onto the concrete when Glen walked passed and uttered 'butterfiles'.  I had to look twice.  Of course, in my mind I was seeing abstract shapes being more symbolic in nature, of course Glen was seeing through his eyes being gardening and nature, and his love for all things 'green'. Upon another look I could see clearly - Butterflies, that they were!!

The passing comment triggered an idea for a sculpture, somewhat a little off the beaten track from what I would normally make however knowing he would really love it, I decided to 'whip' it up!  ...and what a great Christmas gift to boot!

The 'cut off' shape - clearly in a photograph look like a butterfly.

Bent and shaped alittle, with small Reo discards for the body.
I went looking for some extra long lengths of reo to stake into the ground and found this reo re-inforcing stuff Glen uses for work - I'm sure he won't miss it if I pinch a bit :-) 

After welding the bodies and the wings together I welded them randomly into place on the reo frame - in situ positioned in the garden (a sadden dry garden I might add - we are so desparately awaiting some rain for our poor de-foliated plants!!!)

And of course Glen was tickled pink and loves it!!