Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Apron, Beneath the Skin, on tour

The group exhibition my tea bag apron features in The Apron Beneath the Skin, opened at the Gympie Regional Gallery last weekend.  It's second showing thus far. I believe it's of great benefit to have an exhibition go on tour, not only for the artist themselves (for additional exposure) but for the wider community abroad, particularly for regional audiences.

The opening was very well received, unfortunately I have no photographs of the opening,  I didn’t have my camera with me, nor my iphone – so you will just have to take my word for it!   However, I do have photographs of artworks from the Brisbane display, I can share with you.

 The Apron ‘Beneath the Skin’ is a collaborative exhibition featuring the Apron as the garment with the capacity for individual and universal story-telling.  Curated by Heinke Butt and is on display until 17 December, in case you're interested in seeing it.

Your invitation...

Traditional Aprons include (signature image on invitation above), Kirdi Beaded Apron, Kirdi people, Cameroon Africa. Late 19th Century. Crafted with glass beads, cotton thread and cowrie shells.  Among other traditional aprons (not complete)... work by women of the Karungkarni Art and Culture Aboriginal Corporation depicting the untold stories of Aboriginal women working in domestic homes in the early 20th century - collection of eight aprons, five pictured - each with individual titles and artists.

Referencing tradition, mixed media piece, including; vintage calico, fabric remnants, photo transfers, lino-cut prints, horse shoe, broom handle, buttons, pins, pegs, wool, needles and recipes - apron detail; Teller of Tales, Keeper of Memories by Glenis Gray.

There are also contemporary interpretations of the apron and created with unconventional materials... like Heinke's piece entitled "Am I Clean?" made of pot scourers, chicken wire and wire.

One of three aprons, Corrie Wright utilises everyday materials. "Every day is tough"  sewn empty pill packets.

"Knitted Copper Wire Apron" by Christopher Hardwick.

Elli Schlunke's piece entitled "Why're We Wired Thus" has also knitted with unconventional materials, electrical phone cords!

This visual feast is just a snippet of artworks on show, there are many other artists and artworks to see, and of course my piece, Pinny is in there too!

My previous apron post for anoyone interested into the making of my apron J

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Commission keeping me busy

When I go all quiet, it generally means I am working on something....

Within a couple of months of retiring from the annual Abbey Medieval Festival (to consolidate my art practice), a commission comes in for ancient Roman artefacts. Ironic!  I know it's not the same time period, but I still find it funny, how when you finally decide to move on....

However, not one to let an opportunity pass me by and with no major commitments at hand and my exhibition just about to finish, what the heck!  Several large and small amphorae (tallest 700mm) and a couple of oil lamp holders.

A little creative thinking for drying the pointed amphorae base, submerged into buckets and supported by coarse sand - challenging, to say the least!

So the drying process begins - given the size of each, especially the larger amphorae, drying them slowly and over a month or so, is the go...

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

movies to see and artworks up for grabs!

Pictured below, Radiant Love is currently being showcased and is up for grabs at the Art with Heart Art display alongside ten other artworks as the major fundraiser for the 2014 Heart of Gold International Film Festival Gympie, Thursday 9th-12th October.  Art with Heart Art consists of artwork donated by renowned and local artists and is coordinated by Joolie Gibbs and her team at the Gympie Regional Gallery.  Ten artists include; Kim Schoenberger, Joolie Gibbs, Robin Hines, Amy Young, Jane Welsh, Sam Keane, Sherrie Rowan, Nonie Metzler, Bernadette Tuffley, Ryan Bailey.
Artworks up for grabs, I believe, are being displayed in the Propectors Hall for the duration of the event and to be in the draw, purchasers will be able to buy a ticket, record their order of preference for each of the artworks and as tickets are drawn, winners will be allotted their hightest preferred artwork, depending on the pieces remaining at the time you may still win your artwork of preference.  Tickets are $20 each and are limited to 500 tickets - drawn Sunday afternoon October 12, 2014.
Radiant Love, 2011. Found objects, steel and porcelain.
The Heart of Gold International Short Film Fest kicks off tomorrow at the Gympie Civic Centre, 32 Mellor St - there is a wonderful program with planner you can download, for convenience here is the direct link to their  > website.

Monday, September 15, 2014

opening pictures

Firstly, I must say a huge thank you to everyone who came to our opening yesterday afternoon and especially to Janet De Boer for opening our show.  It was lucky Anne and I arrived early to prepare ourselves for the opening function as folk started arriving much earlier than we anticipated, and wowsa what a crowd and wonderful way to celebrate. To my delight, amongst the crowd were a few fellow artists I only knew virtually and it was lovely to finally meet them in person - textile artist and tutor, Sue Dennis, Shibori artist, Cathy Moon; Multi-Media artist, Heinke Butt, and of course then there was the opportunity to catch up with my nearest and dearest...

To share a few photographs with you - Anne attending the final touches.

Guests arriving...

More guests...

Happy faces at the end of the day - from left, myself, Janet, Richard and Anne.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Expressions of Love II - Lovingly Interrupted

You may remember back in June, in an earlier blog post I mentioned how an opportunity presented itself for me to re exhibit Expressions of Love II (at Gallery 159, The Gap, Brisbane) and where I took on a mentoring role and invited emerging artist Anne Harris to join me and share the space - and promised more details soon...?  I guess one could entertain the notion that three months later could equate to as 'soon' couldn't one? (insert cheesey embarrassment emoticon here).

The last few months has been all about exhibition preparations, photo shoots, invites, catalogues, guest list, bus bookings, media releases, promo etc., etc., it's amazing how much planning goes on behind the scenes to deliver an exhibition, we even booked a bus to transport folk down to Brisbane from the Sunny Coast!!  And after an intense schedule in the lead up to the show it's certainly a rewarding feeling when it all comes together on the day of install... which this brings me to last weekend, where Anne and I met up in Brisbane to install our exhibition. A long day indeed, however, with great delight the day went without a hitch - it was smooth sailing from start to finish! So very grateful. Now all we have is the menu to think of and come Sunday the celebrations begin!   

Expressions of Love II - Lovingly Interrupted officially opens this Sun 14th Sept, at 3.30pm
Guest Speaker: Janet De Boer O.A.M Co-Editor, Textile Fibre Forum Magazine + CEO, The Australian Forum for Textile Arts, Ltd.

Exhibition details as follows:  GALLERY 159  14 to 28 September, 2014

Gallery Hours: weekends 11am - 4pm (Sat/Sun) weekdays by appointment only - for appointments please call Janet 07- 3300 6491 or 0432 492 728.

Address: 159 Payne Road, The Gap, Brisbane Q 4061.  TAFTA's dedicated gallery space, is at the back of the property and is not readily visible from the street.  Gallery 159 is an initiative of TAFTA (The Australian Forum for Textile Arts, Ltd). TAFTA is a non-profit arts organisation.

And here's a few photographs from last Sunday's bump-in.  The unveiling of Anne's work in the foreground and my first works hung in the background.

Anne working on installing her pieces.

First glance may deceive, Anne totally in control and has transformed this blank wall into a canvas with her stunning works!

Exploring options and shuffling works around...

Saturday, August 30, 2014

The Apron 'Beneath the Skin'

Recently, I was invited (alongside 24 artists) to participate in a group exhibition entitled The Apron ‘Beneath the Skin’, coordinated by also exhibiting artist, Heinke J. Butt.

The Apron ‘Beneath the Skin’ is a collaborative project with a focus on the Apron as the garment that changes the identity of the wearer. The exhibition will include works that look at the past as well as the future of the apron.

The first exhibition will be showcased at the Brisbane Institute of Art (BiA) Metcalfe Gallery, 41 Grafton St, Windsor Q 4030, with the Official Opening on Sunday 7 September, 2014 at 2pm.

You may remember an earlier post where I was experiementing with printing onto recycled tea bags, well I decided to explore this a little more and I was extremely happy with my results....

Exploring layout options with the printed tea bags...

And of course, tea dyed calico backing...

Around the same time I was making my piece the Collectable Show was on at the local showgrounds, so I took my camera with me and scoop! Vintage domestic ware everwhere and loads of inspiration...

Here's sneak preview of my finished piece entitled Pinny, square recycled tea bags with printed imagery of vintage domestic ware, backed with tea dyed calico and sewn on my treadle Singer sewing machine.

And, later in the year, The Apron ‘Beneath the Skin’ exhibition will be showing at the Gympie Regional Gallery between 18 Nov – 17 Dec, 2014.

Saturday, August 23, 2014

exciting news!

Most of my facebook buddies will know of this news already, but its way too exciting not to share with my blogging friends too!   Way back when in 2011, the lovely Jo Murray sent me a link to  'The Landfillart Project' a call for artworks made with recycled hub caps - liking the concept, I created my piece and posted it off to Pennsylvania (previous blog posts). Three years on, my transformed hubcap entitled Threaded Notions has been selected for their very first exhibition entitled, "Second Time Around: The Hubcap as Art" held at the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley, Winchester, Virginia USA - OMG, excitement plus!!!

Second Time Around: The Hubcap as Art prides itself as an environmentally inspired contemporary art exhibition presenting works by nearly 300 artists from every U.S. state and 35 other countries, including little ole me!  So if your in the area please do call in and see the show - the Official Opening is on Saturday 6 September, 2014 and exhibits through to March 1, 2015.  Sadly being on the other side of the globe I'll not get in to see the exhibition - so if there is anyone out there that does, it would be fab to hear all about it!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Open Studio this weekend!

I am delighted to be participating once again in the 2014 Australian Ceramics Open Studios (ACOS).  The national event kicks off this weekend on Saturday 16 & Sunday 17 August, 2014, between the hours of 10am and 4pm.

Please accept this warm invitation and join me over the weekend and indulge in clay, creative conversation or perhaps view my Expressions of Love II ceramic + tea bag works, recently exhibited at Noosa Regional Gallery.

To arrange an appointment email

With over 130 artists studios opening their doors to the public, mine included, The Australian Ceramics Open Studios (ACOS) promises to be a celebration of clay, creativity and community.

A regular day in my studio with my best mate, Max...

If you would like to know more about the ACOS event, please click on the inserted links above. The
2014 ACOS event is hosted by The Australian Ceramics Association (TACA). 

Friday, July 18, 2014

end of an era

I must apologise for my tardy blogging of late, it seems I am caught up in a rapid whirlywind - this year is racing by so quick leaving very little time for anything and omg, before you know it, we're already in July!!  I believe the time has come for me to reassess all this big decisions are being made and changes are taking place.

In all the flurry of happenings, I recently facilitated a Medieval Pottery workshop at the Kids Medieval Fun Day and have been working under the pump and around the clock preparing my wares for The Abbey Medieval Festival, held last weekend in the grounds of Abbeystowe (behind the Abbey Museum, Caboolture), and to the most glorious Winter weather I might add!

2014 marked the 25th Anniversary of the Abbey Medieval Festival and saw my 20th year of trading, and sadly my last year of trading. Yes, this is certainly one of my biggest decisions I have ever made in a long while - currently the event receives crowds of over 40,000 peeps coming through the gates, the most part of 6 mths of my year is devoted to preparing for the event - working on both, the medieval festival and exhibiting for my art practice is incredibly demanding of my time and something has to give, I know, now is the right time for me to hang up my medieval boots and move forward with my arts practice.

From humble beginnings, way back in 1994...

 To the present day of 2014...

I would really like to thank everyone, who, over the cause of the weekend supported my decision and purchased the last of my stock, two full tables of pottery dwindled down to a couple of mugs, my third table of leather products was reduced considerably, props and all the bits and bobs were sold out.  I am feeling a sense of overwhelming gratitude for all the support and warm gestures I received too, it was really mind blowing, I had no idea how much my stall was appreciated. Heart felt moments... especially when a lady from one of the re-enactment groups told me her story... each and every year her kids loved and would buy my lucky dips and now they were all grown up (between 25-30yrs old) and still treasure them, omg, how precious! And, I will certainly miss the fun, and the sense of community that is shared behind the scenes - a credit to all the Staff & volunteers at the Abbey Museum - fond memories I will cherish forever! ♥♥♥

Friday, June 6, 2014

the latest goss!

Yes, I've been very quiet on the social media front of late! Have you missed me?

The last little while has been pretty full on with exhibitions and things....I think I've been a little overwhelmed with it all and exciting stuff is happening!

It's like, where do I start...

Whilst exhibiting at Noosa Regional Gallery an opportunity presented itself for me to re-exhibit Expressions of Love II in September (14th to 28th) at Gallery 159, The Gap, Brisbane (Gallery 159 is an initiative of TAFTA - The Australian Forum for Textile Arts, Ltd).  In discussion with Janet De Boer O.A.M dates were confirmed and it's been a flurry of activity with all the preparations and planning...  also, I have taken on a mentoring roll by sharing the space with emerging artist, Anne Harris.  Anne came to my 'meet the artist' morning tea and was interested in knowing more about the exhibition process - it was around the same time I was in negotiations with Janet for Gallery 159 and thought it would be a great opportunity for Anne and to share the space together. (more details soon - I promise!). 

Here's a sneak peek... Expressions of Love II - Lovingly Interrupted

On going correspondence with freelance Writer and Quilter, Linda Seward see's my tea bag Quilt once again selected to feature in an overseas publication, Linda's new book entitled, The Ultimate Guide to Art Quilting. Today's email notifies featuring artists' complimentary copies are in the mail - yippee!

Then today, the latest copy of Textiles Fibre Forum arrives via snail mail, and features a two page article for Expressions of Love II inside.

That's just a snippet of the latest news, 'tis all very exciting indeed....

Monday, April 14, 2014

tea bags mounted to canvas

The intensity of working on a certain medium over several months can open the flood gates for more creative ideas and experimentation, working on Expressions of Love II last year was no exception, it was super intense utilising over 10,000 tea bags, the ideas were literally oozing, it was challenging to juggle these creative juices and remain focused on the task at hand. I was able to steer off the beaten track every now and then, to explore this new found 'inspiration' and capture its intensity - so many fantastic concepts are given birth in these moments and they are not to be missed! I would often find myself working on a piece for Expressions of Love II then take a giant sideward step to initiate a new idea and document it, knowing when I could confidently come back to it at a later date, I would pick up the previous project again.

Expressions of Love II was carefully curated to build a sense of nostalgia upon entering into Gallery 3 with the object based works suituated on plinths, my intent was to draw my audience into a familar setting as seen with the works in Expressions of Love 2010 i.e 'Cols Cushions', the 'L' shaped gallery space allowed for it perfectly.  The direct view saw 'Close Knit CommUNITY' which lead the way for my new direction, by ustilising one knitting needle and hung 'partially literal' paved the way for this new direction with the final works in the larger open space - the three major works mounted to stretched canvas brought my audience with me into a new area I wish to explore - moving from the 'literal' sense into a contemporary context with wall based works.  This is not to say I am finished with object plinth based works, just for now, I wish to push the boundaries from the norm!

Which leads me into here, one such idea I have been entertaining and decided to explore...using original photos - process driven work exploring the element of rhythm and repetition with printed imagery on square shaped tea bags and mounted to stretched canvas...

A detail of the completed work comprises 374 recycled tea bags, entitled, Steel Square Tubing - Painted (30"x40)

Recycled tea bags drying on the deck - the humble home brewed!

On my treadle sewing machine, several individual panels were sewn first...

Then sewn together, at each interval ironed to maintain their shape and for easy sewing.  I seriously feel in love with the back view - I have most certainly made a note to explore this at a later date!

A backing sheet and binding was sewn with the panel for added strength.

Completed work, mounted to stretched canvas - detail.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Mark of the Artist

I am delighted to announce I will be kicking off the first ‘Mark of the Artist’ 2014 event at Noosa Regional Gallery.

Following on from my recent solo exhibition, Expressions of Love II  I'll share insights into my ceramic arts practice and how I go about creating the Southern Ice porcelain component to accommodate my recycled tea bags works, as seen in the image below.

Please accept this warm invitation to join me for morning tea, on Friday 11 April, 2014 between 10.30am and 11.30am – Riverside, Pelican St, Tewantin – gold coin donation – RSVP 8 April Email :

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Open studio + artworks showcased for purchase

Last weekend I participated in the Sunday Drive Open Studios - in partnership with Caloundra Regional Gallery's Sunday Drive Exhibition, Arts Connect Inc presented 11 Artists' Open Studios in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.  In addition, Sunshine Coast Council hosted a VIP bus tour to visit four selected artists' studios, a small hinterland gallery, a long term established commercial gallery and a pop-up gallery.  I was fortunate to receive a visit and was delighted to host an alfresco morning tea for refreshments.

Stunning weather created an ambience for the day, VIP's enjoying morning tea and studio viewing...

As artists we are constantly faced with gallery closures which always present us with an array of challenges - creating a sustainable income for one! Hosting an open studio with the wider community is a great way to share an insight into one's work and space, it also helps with generating potential sales and the prospect of future opportunities and then there's always the added bonus thrown into the mix of the shared experience and an appreciation for one's work, highly valued on my list and keeps me all inspired! 

One question I am often asked when people come and visit is, where can one purchase my artworks?   A selection of my ceramics and/or assemblage work are currently showcased in the following outlets:

Platform 72 a selection of my polished Southern Ice pierced porcelain was recently shipped down south, located at 72 Oxford St Darlinghurst 2010 N.S.W

Caloundra Regional Gallery Store 22 Omrah Ave, feature delicate porcelain works for purchase...

A Little Bling - etched, polished, translucent Southern Ice porcelain with diamantes and gloss interior.
Noosa Regional Gallery, Riverside Pelican St Tewantin, feature delicate Tea Cup & Doily Saucer sets a continued series from my Domestic Duties Chp.2, 2012 exhibition.  
Gary Myers Art Gallery 23 Maple St Maleny (upstairs Maleny Community Centre), for purchase feature assemblage artworks and small scale works including ceramics.

Beyond Silence - reclaimed steel and porcelain.
The Dancer I - reclaimed steel, found objects and acrylic.

It's the Little People - reclaimed steel and polished Southern Ice porcelain. (Limited Edition 10 - 8/10, 9/10, 10/10 available).
and last but not least, Main Street Gallery Montville, since 2008 have featured and continue to sell my popular Unearthed ceramics