Monday, September 15, 2014

opening pictures

Firstly, I must say a huge thank you to everyone who came to our opening yesterday afternoon and especially to Janet De Boer for opening our show.  It was lucky Anne and I arrived early to prepare ourselves for the opening function as folk started arriving much earlier than we anticipated, and wowsa what a crowd and wonderful way to celebrate. To my delight, amongst the crowd were a few fellow artists I only knew virtually and it was lovely to finally meet them in person - textile artist and tutor, Sue Dennis, Shibori artist, Cathy Moon; Multi-Media artist, Heinke Butt, and of course then there was the opportunity to catch up with my nearest and dearest...

To share a few photographs with you - Anne attending the final touches.

Guests arriving...

More guests...

Happy faces at the end of the day - from left, myself, Janet, Richard and Anne.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Expressions of Love II - Lovingly Interrupted

You may remember back in June, in an earlier blog post I mentioned how an opportunity presented itself for me to re exhibit Expressions of Love II (at Gallery 159, The Gap, Brisbane) and where I took on a mentoring role and invited emerging artist Anne Harris to join me and share the space - and promised more details soon...?  I guess one could entertain the notion that three months later could equate to as 'soon' couldn't one? (insert cheesey embarrassment emoticon here).

The last few months has been all about exhibition preparations, photo shoots, invites, catalogues, guest list, bus bookings, media releases, promo etc., etc., it's amazing how much planning goes on behind the scenes to deliver an exhibition, we even booked a bus to transport folk down to Brisbane from the Sunny Coast!!  And after an intense schedule in the lead up to the show it's certainly a rewarding feeling when it all comes together on the day of install... which this brings me to last weekend, where Anne and I met up in Brisbane to install our exhibition. A long day indeed, however, with great delight the day went without a hitch - it was smooth sailing from start to finish! So very grateful. Now all we have is the menu to think of and come Sunday the celebrations begin!   

Expressions of Love II - Lovingly Interrupted officially opens this Sun 14th Sept, at 3.30pm
Guest Speaker: Janet De Boer O.A.M Co-Editor, Textile Fibre Forum Magazine + CEO, The Australian Forum for Textile Arts, Ltd.

Exhibition details as follows:  GALLERY 159  14 to 28 September, 2014

Gallery Hours: weekends 11am - 4pm (Sat/Sun) weekdays by appointment only - for appointments please call Janet 07- 3300 6491 or 0432 492 728.

Address: 159 Payne Road, The Gap, Brisbane Q 4061.  TAFTA's dedicated gallery space, is at the back of the property and is not readily visible from the street.  Gallery 159 is an initiative of TAFTA (The Australian Forum for Textile Arts, Ltd). TAFTA is a non-profit arts organisation.

And here's a few photographs from last Sunday's bump-in.  The unveiling of Anne's work in the foreground and my first works hung in the background.

Anne working on installing her pieces.

First glance may deceive, Anne totally in control and has transformed this blank wall into a canvas with her stunning works!

Exploring options and shuffling works around...