Saturday, January 28, 2012

Domestic Duties update: a BIG thank you to...

As the new year takes off, I am in full swing into planning my next events for the year.... with an update on what is happening in the land of DOMESTIC DUTIES.

Firstly, a I need to acknowledge and give a HUGE BIG THANK YOU to Dorothy, Nicola and Tania. They have been diligently collecting ONE words for me since the beginning and I am ever grateful of their time and enthusiasm.

Dorothy collected over two hundred words,

Nicola kindly took my booklet to her market stall "Wild Nature" in Cairns,

and Tania at The Clay Shed got onboard and asked customers to add to the collective.

Next on the agenda for my DOMESTIC DUTIES PROJECT - reclaiming my booklets I have started to create artworks and developing a thoery as to the collective and will be undertaking a Solo Exhibition and Installation "Domestic Duties" at Studio 4 Gallery, Marcoola from Thurs 31st May to Sun 24th June, 2012.

If your not familar with my Domestic Duties project see my previous blog posts by clicking > here (ofcourse you will need to scroll down to the first post at the beginning)


  1. Hi Kim, I don't think I looked at your project before, love your peg mandala and the MARRICK was a great find. Getting your booklets back will be exciting.

  2. Hi Anna, It is getting exciting, I've started typing up the words and is an interesting study actually. And is especially exciting with the artwork that I am making, totally left of centre of course! :-D

  3. What a fun project Kim! Will look forward to your exhibition!

  4. Ki-pretty amazing how much people have pitched in. On so it unfolds. B

  5. Thanks Cynthia.

    B - It's wonderful. And so it continues......


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