Friday, February 18, 2011

a little different

It's amazing what some new finds can do, to stir the pot of inspiration! These three are from my latest finds from the recycling yard I stumbled upon last week. The second set of stump caps (ant caps) I have come across that were only a set of three, twice in a space of a couple of months.

Already transformed into assembled mini landscape scenes (within the diameter of the cap), almost finished apart from a few additions. This morning it only dawned on me that they are representational of parts of my life. This first image represents my current life; living in the country with starry nights above (although I the stars are yet to be added). City Lights are my foundations; my childhood days of living and growing up in the city still very relevant in my world as I live it and the third Sailing the Seas; sailing this grand sea of life.

'Starry Nights' detail

'Starry Nights'

' City Lights'

'Sailng the Seas'


  1. K- looks like you had a lot of fun creating these pieces - very whimsical. The country one resonates best with me. Funny how these assemblages just come to us. Go well. B

  2. I really like these Kim. They make me smile and I can feel each one - the city, the country and the rolling sea; very evocative!

  3. wow!! those are brilliant! it's amazing what rust can do :) it's even more amazing when rust falls in the right transformative hands!!

  4. I love these--very beautiful. New finds are so exciting!

  5. Delightful. How evocative a collection of 'bits'.

  6. Nice post! This is very informative! Great job! Kip on posting!

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  7. B - yes loads of fun, and they did just come about while working on another piece near by. I got distracted by the posillibities!

    Thanks Fiona, I feel a softer uninhibited side starting to emerge.

    Hi Luthien, thanks and for visiting my blog. Yes, yes I just love rust!

    Thanks Deborah! Yes new finds are so exciting to work with, gives me a sense of childhood fun :-)

    Thanks Jo, I wasn't aware of the evocative nature as I created them, can see it clearly now.

  8. great pieces, I can see how your mind works getting distracted and see possibilities while working on something else.


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