Saturday, October 29, 2011

Small Works / Small Town + BIG crowd!

Last night's opening exhibit SMALL WORKS / SMALL TOWN saw a HUGE crowd - it was my first time at an opening for Rosebed St Gallery and far out what a crowd, it was packed!

All gathered to celebrate the official opening,

...with drinks and nibbles downstairs, in anticipation the doors were finally opened for all to view and purchase artworks.

And look who I found in the crowd! Good buddy and also exhibiting artist Jo Murray

Designed as a takeaway art show loads of artworks were literally walking out the door! Sales were shared all round, Jo and I both sold work. It was fantastic some artists were even needing to re-stock the empty spaces.


  1. hahaha!! you two look like you could be up to some mischief ... some BIG mischief! but wow! the crowd IS huge!! looks like a night out at one of those happening pubs in the city if you ask me ...

  2. Congratulations on a successful show.
    Nice to see two happy faces next to your unicorn.

  3. Congratulations - looks like it was really fantastic!

  4. Thanks for the plug Kim. It was fun... and profitable. Hope we see a few more RUN out the door.

  5. Heehee Luthien, that we were! Jo is incorrigible and it almost felt like one of those pubs in the city they even had the DJ there with the disco lights!

    Hi Stregata, thanks that is was :-)

    My pleasure Jo, it was a fun night and yes profitable! Given the exhibit is on until Jan I'm sure more will go out the door.

  6. Hey Kim - looks like it was wild! We dropped by today and thougth it was a great exhibition. Congrats!

  7. It's so great to see a full house with art flying out the door. Congrats on your sales Kim.

  8. Hi Fiona, yep that is was! Wonderful you had a chance to see it inbetween your busy work-work schedule. Safe flights ahead...

    Thanks Robyn, yes it is so refreshing to see the artworks selling well, and how lucky we are having people around supporting us artists.


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