Thursday, October 27, 2011

opening night

It's a busy time at the moment, and I've had no posts on art being made -it's all been about what's happening and where. I'm really missing my making time but I guess that's the ebb and flow of things. The whole idea of it I suppose is to exhibit and sell, as much as I'd like to keep everything I make...

I have posted this photo before - the day has arrived! The official opening of the SMALL WORKS / SMALL TOWN Exhibit Friday 28th Oct 6.30pm - Rosebed St Gallery, Eudlo.

I really like this piece "Unicorn" and it's story on how it evolved. A funny thing, I had this piece of steel (the body part) for ages and nothing was coming to me, I knew that something was in it but no matter how many times I picked it up and contemplated it - mental block!!! Anyhows, I let it go. Then one morning while reading "Psychology and Alchemy" by C. G. Jung, he made reference to unicorns in alchemy, and out of the blue I saw the unicorn in the piece of steel. I whipped out of bed and took off for the bit of steel and presto, the Unicorn was formed!

To my supprise the invite features my Unicorn and makes it even more special...


  1. I love the story of how you were inspired to give life to a piece of metal.
    Psychology and art are good companions.

    Good luck at the opening night

  2. I lust after this piece Kim... it is sooo evocative, strong, and fully resolved.

  3. Psychology and art are great companions Marilena I agree. More and more each day I am discovering my readings on psychology enriches my process and assemblages.

    Thanks Jo. I have experienced a strong connection with this piece. Sometimes an artwork speaks to you and you know instantly, they are very rare and special moments...

  4. K-sorry we could not be there for the opening as we had another engagement; but given it is running for a while we hope to get to see it soon. Hope it goes well for you and the other artists. B

  5. B - thanks for your well wishes, it was a grand night! With many sales all round.


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