Sunday, April 17, 2011

Narrative going on...

These works came about while contemplating my entry into COMA's next exhibition (Collaborative of Maleny Artists organised by Ken Munsie) 'MALENY IMAGE 8 : between the lines' to be exhibited at Rosetta Books, Maleny (27 Mayto 12 June, 2011).

So....... we are asked to create an artwork inspired by a book that we have recently read. Strictly a non-fiction kinda gal, my recent reads have had a tendency to be on the 'heavy' side and not everbodies cup of tea! So I opted for one of my 'lighter' non-fiction reads - 365 Tao Daily Meditation by Deng Ming-Dao with each piece (or word) reflecting one verse (daily meditation) from the book.

Working with my discarded prerequisite - 'chance' played its part once again with a happy find of an old Scrabble set a few days out from the call for entries. Too irresistable - exhibiting at a bookshop - title "between the lines"- finding the Scrabble tiles, words are a must for this one! And might I add, only one entry per person - geewizacumz which one to choose?

Each piece stands suspended upright onto old wooden stamp blanks. Assembled with cyclone rod, lock nuts, stainless steel spring and Scrabble tiles.

An arial view

REST : No.316 Rest

LIVE : No. 256 Arbitrary

SEEK : 261 Silence

Angled view - REST - LIVE - SEEK

DRAW - PLAY : No. 250 Reverence

HOPE - FIND : No. 240 Outlook


(corresponding verse - tba)

AWARENESS : No. 21 Skills

ABUNDANCE : No. 42 Walking

GRATITUDE No. 9 Optimism

TRAN_FORM : No. 41 Resolution

(this piece is open to be read either way - front to back or back to front!)

And of course, if further insight into each piece is desired, one would have to read the corresponding Daily Meditation to find out....


  1. wow!! fascinating and intriguing ... much thoughts much thoughts ... hmmm ...

    wow!! i think i'm going to dream of these tonight ...

  2. Clever you Kim! Apart from the recycled aspect, and the presentation, I love the use of words for a work to shown in a bookshop. Perfect!

  3. Lovely Kim are you having a opening night?

  4. Hi Luthien, many thoughts indeed - and if to read the verse - more thoughts!!!!
    Hi Jo, Thanks, some how poetic how it all came about.
    Thanks Jann.
    Hi Candice, thanks - yes COMA will be having an opening night I'm just not sure what date yet. I will blog about it when I do and closer to the day...

  5. Hi K - as usual you are out there ahead of the pack - great combo the scrabble and old stamp blocks - look forward to seeing the work in the exhibition. Have not even thought about mine yet - just a tad busy on the road. Cheers. B

  6. Hi B! It was a lucky break, that 'chance' scenario thing again. Your schedule sounds flat-out, keep safe & see you both when your back home again. K


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