Monday, April 25, 2011

Peace Within

Still on the topic for COMA (Collaborative of Maleny Artists) member's exhibition Maleny Image 8 : between the lines... and yes as mentioned in my previous two posts - only one entry person! I think this is artwork number seven... The theme is to make an artwork based on a book recently read within a size frame of 120mm square (3D).

I came across this small booklet in a secondhand bookstore on an Australian Sculptor Ian McKay - a career survey of Sculpture, published by Art Gallery of NSW, 1984. His works are large scale of welded steel and rusted metal / objects. Curious to see what I could come up with I gathered together tiny steel pieces to apply to his large scale works. As it turned out I only needed four pieces of steel and a happy accident fell into place while assembling it.

A step by step image to see the peace within...

'Peace Within'

H 8cm x W 8cm x D 10cm


  1. K- a very creative piece - not there until you see it from the right angle - great work. B

  2. I've enjoyed looking at all your COMA pieces. How to to choose. I do love this one!
    Thanks for the intro to Ian McKay's work too.

  3. B - perhaps even seeing through one's own perspective it becomes more clear. As it was I had uploaded the incomplete image of the peace symbol(amended now). Just goes to show that a collective mind set is all that is needed to understand one's work - Thanks!!!
    Robyn, Thank you for taking the time to read my progressive posts re - COMA. How to choose? Hmmm yes - it has got to be this one! (and see if I can persuade for a scrabble piece as well)


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