Saturday, June 5, 2010

ALaW 2010 - RSTUV

My letters for May...
On's interesting to see when putting the letters together to form the alphabet, how I've been progressively getting larger with majority my letters, to the point of even developing a slight over hang!

R - is best to describe in two parts; the left part of R is a rusted bolt and welded onto the right, is a rusted metal wall bracket / hook, liked those that were used to hold up the old style curtain pole (many moons ago!).

S - cut from a spring that come from underneath an older style chair.

T - was a curious find at the tip, and I still am not sure what they were used for. I found them amongst computer parts, some were alot thicker almost an inch and non-rusted, others were singular and blue on one side and amongst them were different size E's as well. Upon inspection of the thicker T, I saw that they were several T's compacted together and when I picked away at them they separated into more T's....abit of h2o and wolla...rust!

U - is a U-bolt minus the bolt,

V - has a slight over hang but as soon as I saw it, I just had to have it. It was part of a handmade tightening bracket of some sort someone had made for something, for what? I don't know. It just had the perfect V shape I was looking for. It was joined/welded at the end onto more metal and it was somewhat challenging to detach without damaging but after several attempts and Glen's help, determination prevailed.

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