Thursday, May 20, 2010

Auction draws week to go!

The count down is on with only one week to go for the Charity Art Auction (in support of Australia's Biggest Morning Tea) I am hosting with Main Street Gallery in Montville,
due to kick off next Thursday 27th May at 10.00am....
Artworks for donations were called to the gallery today to be hung, the gallery has kindly offered to hang the works a week prior to auction to allow the viewing public a sneak preview for their bid.

"Rosie Lea" by Tilly Devine

I just had to take a photo of this piece ready for viewing.... this is an original artwork by my neice Tegan (alias; Tilly Devine), Tegan is a practicing Tattoo Artist in Brisbane and is a talented young designer, she has extended her art of tattooing ink onto paper for her contribution, her contemporary approach applies bold use of colour to her designs. Well done Tegan!

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  1. Well done Tegan! Your painting fetched a good price...and thankfully it sold to a family member and will be kept in the family :-)


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