Wednesday, May 5, 2010

ALaW 2010 - NOPQ

At first, my journey with applying the Discarded object to ALaW has been a fun exercise, upon reflection, I can see that it has far surpassed 'a fun exercise' into choosing each letter with much more care and thought, extending myself into looking past the obvious.
Literally I am placing each letter within the square. Ironically... the whole process is teaching me to look outside the square!
N - is the end sawn off, from a serated handsaw blade. Upon closer inspection and to the left of the edge of 'N' is a serated edge (not really visible in the photo).
O - a neat little washer'y - spacer - thingy! I kinda liked that it had a double rim to it.
P - a Nut and Bolt welded together.
Q - a hose clamp, even though this letter is a bit tad smaller than my other letters, it just happen to have a nice 'Q' charm to it.

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