Monday, May 22, 2017

Domestic Duties Chapter Three - Seeking your thoughts!

Being part of You, Me and a Cup of Tea was a wonderful experience, but time waits around for no man and time is ticking on my next big gig's deadline, Domestic Duties Chapter Three 'Sacred in the Domestic' a major solo exhibition at Gallery One, Noosa Regional Gallery (dates below).

Some may remember participating in the previous two chapters, Domestic Duties Chapter One (2011) and Domestic Duties Chapter Two (2012) and I thank you for the overwhelming responses. The initial concept for the Domestic Duties Project was to create an installation using an iconic Hills Hoist Clothesline as the center piece for the exhibition, well space didn't allow for the first two chapters, and in hindsight, time was needed for the concept to ripen and mature to its full potential - Chapter Three see's the inclusion of personal interpretation into mandala, pray flag and rainbow colour symbolism.

Domestic Duties Chapter Three is the finale in a trilogy of explorations into domestic duties. Chapter three also invites audience participation by responding in ONE word to the phrase
"Sacred in the Domestic" - some of the ONE word responses I've received thus far include; thankfulness, grace, calm, appreciative, bliss and the list goes on...

If you like the concept and feel like sharing my Domestic Duties Project with all your friends and family - I would LOVE you too!! Your ONE word can be commented on here or emailed to me at thanks!

ps: feel free to comment as many times as you like, with as many ONE words as you like...

Exhibition dates 1 December 2017 to 21 January 2018
Official Opening Friday 1st December at 5.30pm
Artist Talk Wednesday 6th December 10.30am to 11.30am

"Chapter Three continues the task of peeling back the layers of domestic life and revealing the sacred through objects constructed out of domestic detritus. It fuses the visual aesthetic of the artist with documentation of the community's interaction with the making of the first two chapters"

This project is supported by the Queensland Govenment through Arts Queensland


  1. comfort, warmth, calm, cosy, friendship, forgiveness, forever, togetherness, love, privilege ...

    1. Your lovely words will be added to my list. Thank you for sharing! Regards, Kim :-)

  2. A BIG thank you to all that have emailed your responses so far! You are all welcome to leave your ONE word responses here too. Regards, Kim :-)


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