Friday, July 8, 2016

ArtsCool workshop - results!

The ArtsCool workshops (previous post) were so much fun, and the outcome from them was too good not to share....

Day one - morning and afternoon class - Clay Minions. Some precious little gems here!

Day two catered for two different age groups, with Leaf Animals in the morning for the younger ones,

...and Tea Bag Collage in the afternoon for the older children - being inspired by German Dada artist Hannah Hoch and photomontage using magazine cut-outs and used tea bags with some fabulous results!

The results speak for themselves - we have such a talented bunch of little peeps here on the Sunny Coast, don't you think!


  1. Amazing Kim - your care and creativity with the kids is wonderful - hats off!!

  2. The kids loved doing this! Have just introduced it into Year 7 Art.

    Thank you

    1. How wonderful - glad to hear! Thanks for the feedback :-)


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