Sunday, June 12, 2016

workshop results

What a wonderful adults Butterfly Making workshop at the Caloundra gallery yesterday!
A full capacity class made for varied and interesting results.

All bums on seats busy at work...

An array of rusty objects were laid out on the table for experimenting with. Cobblers Wax was used to create a textured design by rubbing on to the paper surface with the rusty object underneath. 

Experimenting on tissue paper first to get a feel for the rubbing technique and elements of design...

Watercolour pencils for adding a little colour...

And special friendships that brighten up a day... 

Plus the mandatory memento group shot...


  1. It was a great morning Kim. You are very generous with your secrets, but then I can't see any of us making 2000 butterflies...haha. Your commitment to a project is inspiring, and the resultant exhibition awesome!

    1. Thanks Jo. I had such a wonderful morning too! I came away feeling all inspired and looking forward to the next workshop...

  2. It looks like a great time was had by all, as well as wonderful results!

    1. what better way to spend a day, making art! :-)


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