Wednesday, January 14, 2015

2015, and back to work!

Seriously, is it 2015 already? Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and holiday season, mine was a quiet one enjoying quality time around the home and catching up with close friends and family.

But now its back work and picking up from where I left off from last year - this week finds me in the ceramic studio finishing the Roman Artifact commission.  Loading the kiln and firing the bisque earlier in the week and today glazing and re-loading, a bit of a workout glazing the large amphorae!

Above picture, the kiln stack all loaded and ready to go.

Using a little artistic licence and creative stacking, the two large amphorae are stabilized using the up turned medicine bottles. And, a little wadding pad in between (detail below), for releasing easily after the firing.

Will post the outcome in a week or so...


  1. Hi K - looks like your forming and cooking lots of clay - looking forward to seeing the outcomes. B

    1. B, apologies for my tardy reply! (I was caught up with the children workshops and the post-firing unpacking mode) Yes, working on a little clay over the Christmas break - for the commission only. Back to sculpting metal very soon...


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