Monday, December 9, 2013

"Minutiae" opens @ Rosebed St Gallery

Rosebed St Gallery's saw it's official exhibition opening last Friday night for Minutiae.  A massive crowd gathered in support of a special little gallery in down town Eudlo.

Minutiae (n, pl the small, precise, or trivial details of something: "the minutiae of everyday life") is a wonderful showcase of 430+ artworks from 43 artists (me included) and is Rosebed's annual end of year takeaway art small's exhibition, which means, artworks can be taken home once purchased (link contained within for details).

Curated by gallery owner Maya Cater-Malins Minutiae is a delightful mix of artworks at affordable prices, if your in the area and would like to support local....

A couple of my pieces on show...
It's the Little People

Laugh Dream
More images of my artworks for Minutiae seen on my website, additional artworks can be viewed on-line in Rosebed St Gallery's facebook page.

Exhibition dates: 04 Dec 2013 to 02 Feb 2014
13 Rosebed St, Eudlo
Wed - Sun 10am-4pm


  1. Followed the link and enjoyed your Gr8ful and Wisdom pieces too.

    1. Thanks Robyn. They were fun to make however they are the only pieces left, unfortunately the stamp pads are becoming rare to find...

  2. K - looked like it was a fine time from some Facebook photos - and I hope lots of folk buy these works as alternate Christmas gifts. B

    1. B - was a grand evening, full of fun and many sales a testiment to Maya's (& artist's) dedication! K


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