Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Common Threads Exhibition

Sunday just gone, I stumbled upon an exhibition being installed at the Bribie Island Community Arts Centre entitled Common Threads.  A stunning array of textile artworks from the members of Queensland Spinners, Weavers and Fibre Artists. Very inspiring!  As the works we're still being installed, and not wanting to get underfoot, I only managed to get a few snap shots. These images were taken on my trusty iphone to capture a snippet of what is on display and is by no means complete, there were many more works to see celebrating traditional, heritage, and contemporary fibre.

If you happen to be in the area and are into textiles, this show is worth a look!

Detail below, mixed media wall piece by Felicity Clarke, Out of the Blue (triptych).

The two following artworks below are by Textile Artist, Mary Elizabeth Barron, her works were exhibited at the Cooroy Arts Centre some time ago unfortunately I was unable to see the show, so it was a bonus to see some of her works here.

 Above; Hemmed In  Hems cut from old clothes, crochet cotton, coiled basketry
Next three, Ecoprinting by Lili Haas, Mysterious Halo, Gossamer Gums and a detail of Gossamer Gums.

And these precious little pieces...by Mary Elizabeth Barron Plant Fibre Oval Vessels


  1. Thank you for your lovely words about our exhibition! We always get excited when we have an opportunity to display our work, and even more excited when people are so positive about what we're doing! :)

    Jen Homewood
    Webadmin for QSWFA

    1. My pleasure Jen. I shared my blog post on facebook too, and was well received with plenty of 'likes'. The works on display are simply stunning!

  2. Such a wonderful find Kim - and each piece so different from the coils to the lovely delicate dyed work and the pressed baskets (paper??) just gorgeous!! Thanks for showing us - really inspiring!!

    1. That it was Wyn! I was able to source the blanks (titles, artists names etc) if you re-read the post - the pressed baskets are made with plant fibre...


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