Friday, August 31, 2012

What does 'Tribe' mean to you?

We were asked to describe "what does 'Tribe' mean to you?" ...for me Tribe embodies unity and kinship – my miniature totems explore the idea of living in a flourishing multi-cultural society.  We find ourselves living in and experiencing a rich tapestry of human existence and with each thread we are intertwined.  I believe deep in my heart we are all one and the same, no matter what shape or colour skin we wear. 'World Kin' and 'Same Kin' explore our multi-cultural lineage while 'Beyond Perception' offers another perspective for thinking. 
Outside my usual art practice when being invited into a group exhibition and asked to address a theme, I always see it as an opportunity to explore other media - for me its a little like exploring the many facets of my personality for growth both inward and outward as a person.  Not being one to get stuck or bogged down in one set of thinking and going on what material appears at any given time (when sourcing my recycled materials), this time I was guided into a sense of fun and play literally with children's blocks, I was compelled to take them home with me so I did, who's one to argue with divine intervention!    Even though it may appear child like initally on the surface, each piece embody a their own individual message as is the case with all my works.
TRIBE exhibition opens tonight at Rosebed St Gallery from 7pm, showcasing a colourful display of many and varied works of art by local artists of all walks of life and at different stages of their artistic career with no prejudice, curated with heart Directors Annie Burns & Maya Carter-Malins inspire for us all a sense of community to embrace.
Colourful and certainly different works from what you would used to be seeing from me - I enjoyed the freedom and playful nature of each piece, here's a sneak peak...

Beyond Perception
H 8 x W 7.5cm, H 8 x W 11.8cm, Diameter 6cm

'World Kin'
Tallest H 20 x W 12cm
'Same Kin'
H 33 x W 8cm


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