Thursday, March 1, 2012

New ceramics on display

It has been a busy few weeks for me, among the kiln firings, deadlines and delivery of new stocks, I have just graduated from a short business course called 'Build your Business' presented by Edgeware and last night I had a display at the "EDGIE BUSINESS SHOWCASE" a show and tell, and walk the talk - presented by Edgeware and SCAIP (Sunshine Coast Arts Industry Precinct) as a newly initiated "Edgie".
It was a hugely successful evening jam packed full of Edgie businesses and entertainment. To share a few photographs with you - my display of new ceramics (apart from the top right piece) of fine white delicate Southern Ice porcelain and not long out of the kiln.
and my more familar assemblages.
I couldn't resist the opportunity to collect some more words towards my next Solo Exhibition Domestic Duties represented by 'Dance to the Beat'. Thanks Sandra!
and a few extra photos from the evening...


  1. Gorgeous display Kim, and it looks like a great evening. Congrats on doing 'the hard yards' to get yourself out there. You certainly deserve to be ragingly successful.

  2. I agree with Jo's comments. Well done and I hope the course helps you to get yourself out there even more with good results.

  3. Congrats Kim, I admire your tenacity and conviction - really LOVE the beaker with the 'pin' through the side xoxo

  4. Hi Jo, it was a great night such a sense of comradery - a nice feeling. Thanks for your words of encouragement too!

    Hi Anna, thank you too, I really appreciate it. I've never been one to be shy getting myself out there and displaying my work - only shy talking about myself :-)

    Thanks Noela. <3

  5. Great work and hope you have great success with it!

  6. Looks like a good night - and I love that pierced porcelain (as you know...!)

  7. K-well done - always a challenge to fit these things in. Like Fiona I love the porcelain - the contrast of the white and delicate with the hard rust is edgy. B

  8. Thank you for your kind words Sue.

    Hi Fiona, it was a fun evening - as B informs me the other day you and he have the retrospective pieces :-)

    B - times can be a juggle - you and F are an inspiration on 'time management' - I am so drawn to a 'edgy stuff' (& in all areas of life), it was bound to come through into my work.


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