Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Letter a Week 2011

A Letter a Week - the alphabet challenge - in short; 52 weeks in a year, 26 letters in an alphabet = two alphabets a year.

In wrapping up 2011 and almost finished my second alphabet, exploring the KISS Method (Keep It Simple Sweetheart) I chose to use recycled tea bags with what was at hand in my sewing room at the time of making each letter, to see all the juicy details on each letter visit ALaW

Wanting to display them individually I decided to showcase them within their own little box. I had some little wooden boxes made up and I've painted them white, now I'm just waiting on the glass to enclose them.

Snippet, of detailed photographs...

A - part of an ole' tape measure, K - denim scrap,

T - Lemon scented Gum leaf,

U - bread tag, V - an old embroidered patch,

X - recycled tea bag, and Y - cut from an image of star with rays.

The full alphabet together for a group detailed photo.

Now in it's second year running ALaW is about to launch into its third and is now open to newcomers for participation, if your interested click here to apply.


  1. Wow, and wow again, Kim! LOVE these.

  2. Fantastic presentation- can see these on a gallery wall.

  3. I really like your alphabet, and what a great way to frame them!

  4. Thanks Jo!

    Hi Sue, Fiona is looking into a future exhibition in a gallery space - I am thinking in this light, so its good to see that it has translated that way.

    Thanks Sharmon, there are so many possibilities to finishing work, this simple method of framing them has worked a treat, and I am happy with the final outcome.

  5. They will make such a great display!

  6. Hi Fiona, I'm eager to see the finished result, I have to wait until the new year before I can get the glass now...!


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