Monday, September 19, 2011

Phoenix rises from the ashes!

Earlier this year I was asked to do a commission and transform some rusted farm machinery that was wasting away under a grand old tree into a sculpture with the theme of Divesting. The machinery was originally used on the same property for cultivation in an Avocado plantation some years ago.

The property was being sub-divided to sell and also housed an old shed with loads of rusty bits and pieces, I was asked to have a rummage to see if anything else I might need add to the piece before the property sold. Not being one to offend, I happily rummaged...

Here is the farm machinery part - majorly heavy as, I might add!

I am presuming these were the discs to plow the fields...

After living with the machinery for a bit and changing it at different angles, it wasn't long before I saw a Phoenix, it was clear as ever, even fitting in with the theme Divesting. Ofcourse the plow discs the wings!!! Again one of those spontaneous happenings that are meant to be, and a day out from bringing the pieces home I found the brazier (below) at an op shop which I could see as being perfect for the body, as you'll see below...

Taking shape, an image from behind the brazier is now in place, the wings are welded on and a tail is in the making.

A detail of the beak, as is!! I couldn't have formed this even better if I'd tried, nature at its best with its own way of sculpting to perfection!

The Phoenix rises from the ashes!!!

A lucky find - the legs, aren't they awesome? No, I can not take credit for these....someone else had a passion for sculpting with rusted materials, I saw these at the tip some years ago and I just had to have them, I knew I'd use them one day and this was their day of beckoning!

The Phoenix - complete for its new home.


  1. Wonderful imagination--I love your mythical creature!

  2. So awesome!! The belly, the talons, the head..everything! It is a really powerful piece.

  3. oh wow!!! that's beyond AMAZING!!! those talons are just super cool!!

  4. K- pretty amazing as others have said - and I saw the junk pile you started with. I agree with CW it is some mythical creature. Great creativity. B

  5. It is wonderful to watch these massive pieces of metal coming back to life.
    You are so creative in assembling every piece with thoughtfulness and sensitivity.

  6. Love your creation....a fabulous transformation, indeed!

  7. Now THAT'S some heavy welding my girl. What a great result!

  8. Hello Deborah, thanks and for visiting my blog!
    Hi Robyn, it is amazing the change in energy since I have transformed the pieces, once holding within a disturbance of feelings, now resonate change, re-birth and a new-life...
    Thanks Luthien! Your comments are always infectiously inspiring :-)
    B - yes it was a pile of junk, I wasn't sure what would come of it at first - I'm glad it came together as it did.
    Thanks Jane, Marilena and Cynthia.
    Marilena the word massive does discribe it well, it's going to be interesting getting it into place, a slab is being prepared for a base prior to installing.
    Heavy as Jo, welding and as in literally heavy!!! It'll take a few guys to move this one :-D

  9. Brilliant! There is a pile of lovely old machinery on my in-laws property that I'd love to turn into something but it will have to wait until we live in the same state and I learn some welding skills. Great to see a woman tackling the heavy stuff with finesse.

  10. Hello Pix, thanks and for visiting my blog! Its so much fun weilding the ole welding rod, have fun when you get the chance.

  11. beautiful sculpture, I would love to see it in my garden!

  12. Thanks Sue! As it sits here patiently waiting to go to its new home, my partner keeps saying the same...

  13. An amazing creature, indeed! Brilliant!

  14. Thank you Sharmon.

    I really appreciate all the wonderful comments from everyone, thank you kindly. Regards, Kim


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