Monday, August 8, 2011

DOMESTIC DUTIES PROJECT - Seeking your thoughts!

A subject I have been investigating for some time now, and as it appears, its nearly two years since I first started collecting and collating my words.

I don't know about you, but I seem to be losing interest in the need to keep a preciously deliciously clean pad. Yer sure hygiene is important and I like to be neat and tidy, but the thought of having to be chained to the ole dreary domestic duties is somewhat similar to the discomfort of a soggy wet sock being thrown and landing on you, on a cold, wet winters day!!!

Which leads me to....

The long term plan...
mind you, in saying this... the long term plan is subject to (slight) variations at any point as the project grows and evolves over time!

Or alternatively come back here to my blog and follow my progress.

If you like the concept and feel like sharing my Domestic Duties Project with all your friends and family - I would LOVE you too!!! Your ONE word can be commented on here or emailed to me at thanks!

ps: feel free to comment as many times as you like, with as many ONE words as you like...


  1. WOW, fantastic thanks everybody for your comments so far! YAY, my list is growing already

  2. So totally over joyed by the comments - thank you!!! Please keep them coming if you are happy to....

  3. Far North Queensland's selection of words:

    torment, cyclone, painful, slave, ugh!, overrated, duty, thankless, repetitive, unnoticed, cycle, exercise, cleansing, boring, constant, monotonous, work, fresh, enjoy, necessary, eventually, shit, compulsory, work, hard, grace, never-ending, lazy, blitz, tomorrow, irrelevant, crap!, obligation, satisfying, prioritise, fulfilling, service, messy, essential, pride, practical, laborious, dutiful, anger, clarity, cleanliness, godliness, bliss, procrastinate, dull, revitalise, non-chaos, liberating, compulsive......

    I've collected these from around the Cairns area for you Kim!
    My favourite two are:



    Dog Hair!!

    I have the sheets if you would like me to post them back to you let me know.

    Nicola (Lidwina's daughter)
    Ps. I love the fold upable hills hoist you found. It's perfect.

  4. WOW!!! That's just fantastic Nic - thank you for all the ONE words, I will be writing them onto my pegs tonight for the IMAGINE THAT! exhibit.


  5. I will enter my words again here Kim (after email)

  6. Thank you Mariana - I'll add your words to my list, I'm almost there - 1000 words!


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