Saturday, March 12, 2011

mini me...

It was inevitable; with three 'dancer' barbed-wire discards left over and mesh appropriate size to accomodate another Spirit Dance was born...

"Spirit Dance 2 the trio"
H 13cm x W 12cm x D 2cm


  1. This looks like a little family out for walking dancing adventure! What a great way to use op 'leftovers'!

  2. You are very creative Kim. Lovely piece.

  3. fascinating!! i really could see them in a dance ... your mind's eye is extremely powerful Kim... you see things in a way not many can ...

  4. Oooo . . I LOVE this! Wanted to tell you how much loved the pic on your header here.

  5. Hi Fiona, :-) dancing adventure indeed, enjoy your gift!
    Thanks Jo & Cynthia.
    Luthien, I am very greatful for the insights that are gifted me and am ever mindful of their messages...
    Thank you Jan - the header piece was destined for my private collection, as of late night it now belongs to Noela!


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