Monday, January 10, 2011

Delivery day...

Works - photographed, packaged and ready to deliver to Abbey Museum tomorrow. Just in the nick of time really, as of Monday 17 Jan through to Saturday 22nd the Abbey Musuem is hosting an Egyptian Family Fun Week - full of fun activities; building Pyramids, digging for Artifacts, Mummifications, Heiroglyphics the list goes on...
Ofcourse, these pieces are for the 'digging for artifacts'
Here (above L>R) a group of wares; Jar with a lid, four Beakers with Heiroglyphics. The larger two Beakers contain Cartouche (royal names) of Ramses II.
Cartouche 1 - (royal names) of Ramses II - 1279 to 1213 BC

Four plates; (two above & two below) designs taken from the Egyptian period.
The plate above right is known as the 'Fish Bowl' - New Kingdom, Dynasty 18, about 1450 B.C (ofcourse this one is a reproduction for the dig!), the original piece is housed in the Egyptian Museum, Berlin.


  1. lovely work Kim - better than the real thing. Hope you are dry - the Abby could be soggy xoxoxoxo

  2. K- can't believe it is that time of the year again -it only seemed a moment since you last did this. As always with you the works look great. Hope it is fine and you sell heaps. B

  3. Thanks Noela, yes boggy althought they do have one advantage housed on a bed of sand. The water will drain away faster - if it ever stops!
    Hi B, Thanks. No not that time of year yet(july), this is another event, one of their many...


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