Sunday, April 4, 2010


The challenge continues...we've reached the half way mark of the first alphabet in ALaW. My thoughts have been on how to present them as a whole. When photographing each month's letters I've placed them on a rusted backing plate bringing out each letter from the mesh.

I like to allow myself the freedom to be guided in my process and listen to my inner messages, even if I don't know what it's trying to say at the time. I've been on a creative urge lately to make works in a similar vain to Rosalie Gascoigne using old corrugated iron sheets and weathered timber from hardwood palletes etc... My thoughts kept going to these two planks of timber from a pallet which look really groovy with all the nails sticking out on the sides.

Then the message became clear...when I started placing the alphabet letters so far, onto the plank of timber, how poetic... fitting all 13 letters meaning the other plank is going to accomodate the other 13. Yipee!

And 13 just happens to be my lucky number...


  1. Hi Kim
    That is looking beautiful. I have been imagining mine on a piece of corrugated iron; but like you, will wait and see where the inner voice leads..

    Your posts are are going to create a stunning piece - gorgeous!


  2. Thanks Fiona,
    I am really enjoying this whole process and must thank you for your inspiring challenge you have set for us. I know my next alphabet is going to be just as clay!



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