Monday, July 4, 2011

Diamond on the inside

'MALENY IMAGE 8 : between the lines' - Take two! Last month we - COMA (Collaborative of Maleny Artists) members we were asked to create an artwork inspired by a book we had recently read on the theme 'between the lines', and exhibited at Rosetta's bookshop. We've now been given another opportunity to re-exhibit on the same theme, this time in the Maleny library starting on Monday11th July and continuing until Monday 25th July.

Seeing both artworks "Peace Within" and "Rest, Live, Seek" sold in the first showing, I was given the ok to make another piece. This time though, it is hanging space only and still set within the size of 120mm x 120mm. Being a 3D artist I had to reconsider my angle! Fortunately I've been entertaining the idea of two dimensional assemblages, so what a great opportunity to try my hand at it.

Focusing on the same book I chose for the first exhibit, a small booklet I came across, a chance find really, on Australian sculptor Ian McKay , some of his works are large scale, rusted, welded steel and found objects. After learning a little on Ian, it is his philosophy that I resonate with most. He is not necessarily driven by the need for prizes or accolades and likes to work with a piece rather than using control to dictate the final outcome. It has been said, "He sculptures are neither what you would describe as appealing, for McKay a sculpture has to have the right amount of bad taste."

With all this in mind, once again I gathered some steel (small scale) to see what evolved. This time I added another element to the mix, perspex. Another thing I have been contemplating... the centre is mirrored perspex and surrounding is clear (although it is hard to see in the photograph).

While making this piece, I kept hearing the song "Diamonds on the inside"by Ben Harper, just those four words - on repeat, over and over and over and over and over ..... With my assemblages there always seems to be an underling message within them if I listen close enough. This one however was quiet loud and clear, with the repetitive tune. If you were to look at this piece in the flesh, close up, you would see your reflection looking back at you. What I see, is, that this precious diamond is you!


  1. G'day Kim... still producing 'mini'masterpieces' eh? Lovely piece... a little treasure.

  2. K- I like how this piece takes the viewer in, and in, and in further - to the focal point. Simple but effective. B

  3. Lovely piece Kim - I look forward to seeing it in the flesh so to speak. It's a wonderful combination...

  4. Thanks Jo, and I hope to continue producing forever and ever...
    B - I am happy to hear that, I was hoping it would be captured or seen. K
    Thanks Fiona, I will have it with me tomorrow night, so you maybe able to have a sneak peak.

  5. I' glad I found your blog. Rusty metal fascinates me and your work is stunning.


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