Monday, July 18, 2011

Artist by Artist ...and action!

(click this link to read Natalija's post)

Well there's no rest for the wicked, with the Medieval Festival behind me it's straight back to work!!!! Artist by Artist deadline is fast approaching, and it was time to put the 3D props into action. A sneak peak...

Me pulling the rope with Natalija filming.

A behind the scene's shot Natalija getting my cardboard London double decker bus in focus (and me casting the shadow). I gotta say, yesterday was the most hilarious day I'd had in a long time!


  1. Hi K - yippee - now that the Med Fest is out of the way you can give time to other things and laugh - tis good. Go well with the 'production'. B

  2. This looks like more fun than I imagined Kim. Go girl!!

  3. I enjoy behind the scenes pics. Love the bus!


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